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14101Re: In need of some info.

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  • Mike Diamond
    Jul 1, 2006
      If there is a 2 stamped over a 1, it's undoubtedly an intentionally
      altered coin or damage that mimics an overdate variety. An authentic
      error of this nature is impossible in this day and age. There have
      been no true overdates since 1908 and there hasn't been a Class III
      doubled die variety since WWII. Certainly no such error has been
      reported; if one had it would have been front page news.

      It's also unlikely you have a lamination error. I haven't seen a
      single lamination error in a Peace nickel. I see lots of errors on
      eBay labeled laminations, but they're all strike-through errors.

      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, "randalfontenot"
      <randalfontenot@...> wrote:
      > I have a 2004 Peace Medal nickle, mint,uncirculated, but on the
      > reverse side the date is 2802 instead of 1802, it'obvious the 2 is
      > stamped over the 1,if you hold it to the side you can barely see
      > the 1. On the obverse side, it has a lamination error I guess you
      > would call it,it has a "skimmimg effect" on most of the front like
      > was shaved or peeling. I haven't had it checked out yet,just
      > if someone could tell me exactly what these errors would be called
      > the rarity of it,I've been collecting coins for years but I'm just
      > really starting to get into the error coins , didn't really know I
      > so many, found this site,seems pretty cool and informative, I would
      > appreciate any info I could get,I have few more that might be rare
      > that maybe someone can help me identify or point me in the right
      > direction, "Thanks"
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