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13939Re: Rockwell test mark

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  • Jeff
    Jun 24, 2006
      Ejection Damage.


      Of the coins I've ever searched and found differnt forms of doubling,
      this the first time I've ever seen such a consistency with this
      additional mark.

      This is really interesting and its the first time I've ever seen such
      marks on the lip.

      Is it worth speculating what part of the die face after the finished
      coin in thrust back by ejection mechanism is causing this damage?

      I am trying to visualize it, what part of the die face would leave
      this mark?

      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Diamond"
      <mdia1@...> wrote:
      > This appears to be post-strike damage, but of a special sort. It
      > looks like a mild manifestation of "ejection impact doubling". This
      > occurs when a finished coin is thrust back into the die face by the
      > ejection mechanism. This leaves pits and dents (and sometimes
      > recognizable design) on the surface of the coin. Recognizable design
      > elements are widely scattered and often widely separated from their
      > normal counterparts.
      > The lip is a frequent location for this to occur.
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