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10053Re: Updated glossary of mint error descriptions and photos

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  • Mike Diamond
    Nov 1 2:07 PM
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      That was fast!

      The foldover substitute is a perfect replacement.

      The 3c nickel substitute seems to be a good replacement. A uniface
      strike is okay, but die-struck on both faces is usually a better
      choice for illustration purposes, in my opinion.

      The Ike looks like brass to me as well, which begs the question of
      which country the planchet was intended for.

      If you have any off-center proof coins, this will provide us with a
      baseline for judging what is, and isn't, a proof planchet. I haven't
      seen any proofs that are off-center enough to expose a good, unstruck
      swath of original surface.

      --- In errorcoininformationexchange@yahoogroups.com, byersnc
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Mike D. for your comments and suggestions. Here's my
      > thoughts on your post:
      > Your #1. Here's the new fold-over CT ST. Q. 25c that will replace
      > the Lincoln Cent today:
      > http://www.byersnc.com/inventory/ctfoldoverm.jpg
      > Your #2. Here's the 1875 3c Nickel struck fragment that will
      > the other one today:
      > http://www.byersnc.com/inventory/3018710e.jpg
      > Your #4. That Ike sure looks brass!!
      > Your #5. Here's the SBA O/C on a proof blank NGC that will replace
      > the other one today:
      > http://www.byersnc.com/inventory/1278684-002e.jpg
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