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Keeping an Eye on Egypt

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    . Keeping an Eye on Egypt Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one,
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      Keeping an Eye on Egypt

      "Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with squares and moat, but in a troubled time.  And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off, and shall have nothing; and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war; desolations are decreed.  
      And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week; and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and offering to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator."   (Cf. Dan 9:25-27)

      (n.b. the Hebrew word is
      'gabar' meaning 'confirm'  or 'strengthen'.  The Douay-Rheims Version has it "---he will confirm a strong covenant---"; while the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition has it "---make a strong covenant---".  Additionally, it should be noted that in the above citation, 'one week' has been interpreted as a 'week of years'. (1) )

      Recently, the militant Arabic group Hamas and the State of Israel struck another temporary truce with respect to Gaza .  The fragile agreement calls for a term of six months; and even before it became effective, there were rumblings by the parties that it would not last.

      No, this is not the foretold peace of the Antichrist.  There is much to occur before that event occurs.  Further, such peace will be far more extensive, and will be for a term of seven years.  This truce is interesting; however, in view of certain private prophecy, and the fact that certain officials of Egypt brokered the truce.

      Certain prophecies of Our Lord via John Leary follow.  They indicate that the Antichrist (a) will be a Muslim Cleric, (b) will come out of Egypt, (c) will visit Egypt to get his blessing, (d) would go to Egypt to be anointed by the occult priests, (e) will be going to Egypt to be anointed by the high priest of Satan, and (f) will be put in charge of the European Union.

      It makes sense that the Antichrist will be a Muslim cleric.  Who else would be able to control the several militant factions of Islam, but a Muslim cleric?

      The prophecies which follow do not indicate that the Antichrist will be born in Egypt .  He could be born anywhere
      (2), and relocate to Egypt or simply visit Egypt .  Additionally, they do not indicate that the Antichrist will be present in Egypt or represent Egypt when the false peace accord is struck

      What they do indicate, is that Egypt will play a role in the official recognition of the Antichrist.  For that reason, we shall be keeping an eye on Egypt .

      John Leary (3)

      October 5, 2001:
      Jesus said: "My people, this vision of a setting sun is another example representing the end times which you are living in. I have told you that many will see My coming in glory in your lifetime which is a real message of hope and not despair. You are seeing many signs in the sky and on the ground that war appears imminent between the Moslems and the Christians. It is not by accident that I showed you
      the Antichrist as an Arab and a religious leader. Many have been pointing out to you that the Moslem religion does have militant meaning in its roots. When I came into the world, I have taught a message of love, but many refuse My message to preserve their own traditions. I have given you the full truth about Myself and the Trinity, and all other religions contain only elements of the truth. Those religions, who preach hate and domination as the only option, are being misled by the evil one. Be thankful, My faithful, that you have been blessed with knowing Me, but you must still love everyone, even those who are hostile to you."

      October 3, 2001:
      Jesus said: "My people, this vision is a god of the dark side with its source rooted in Egypt . Just as I came out of Egypt to go back to Israel , so
      the Antichrist will come out of Egypt . on his road to his public ministry that was intended for three or more years. I will shorten this time of trial for the sake of My elect, but be aware of this evil one who soon will be announcing his coming into power. Evil will have its reign for a short time, but you can call on Me for protection. It is to avoid the influence of the Antichrist's demonic powers that I am having My angels guide you to places of refuge for protection. These evil ones will want to kill My faithful to eliminate My Church on earth, but the gates of hell will not prevail over My remnant Church . Trust in Me during this age of apostasy because your salvation and protection depend on Me only. Rejoice that when you see the Antichrist announce his reign, then know that My victory over all evil is near. It is like Scripture says, you will not travel through the towns of Israel before I will come in glory." (Matt 10:23) (4)

      April 26, 2007:
      Jesus said: "My people, this vision of
      Egyptian gods of the occult is where the Antichrist will visit to get his blessing just as the prophets were anointed by My holy people.  Everything that I did and represented will be mocked by the evil one whom I will allow to declare himself as ruler of the world at the proper hour.  Thus the Antichrist will come out of Egypt as a man of peace just as I came from there, but I did not seek these occult gods." (4)

      April 26, 2007:
      Jesus said: "My people, it will be by My authority that the hour of the Antichrist will be announced and I will allow his brief reign.  This beast will be working with the one world people to gain gradual control of all of the government unions that govern each corner of the earth. 
      He will come at first as a man of peace, but he will soon become a tyrant leader as he will replace all of the leaders of the nations with his own people.   When you see this declaration and enthronement, My faithful should be at My refuges or on their way to one.  Fear not these evil ones for I will soon come in victory to defeat them." 

      August 23, 2007:
      Jesus said: "My people, this is an ominous sign of the old gods of Egypt that represented the occult worship of the demons. I have given you a word that the
      Antichrist would go to Egypt to be anointed by the occult priests of these old gods. This ceremony will receive great acclaim among the one world people who are supporting the Antichrist and will bring him into power in the European Union. The open jaws of this crocodile mean that this event could happen soon as the Antichrist is anxious to devour as many souls as he can with his demonic powers through his eyes. I have told you to not look at him because of his powers to mesmerize people to worship him. Do not have fear of this evil one for My power is greater and the Antichrist's reign will be brief, but this hour of darkness is about to spread all over the earth. This is why My faithful will need to seek out My refuges of protection with My angels so you will not be killed or persecuted by these evil ones. Have patience but awhile and I will soon come in victory to defeat them and bring about My Era of Peace." (4)

      April 24, 2008:
      Jesus said: "My people, this empty chair with Egyptian markings on it represents the chair of power for the Antichrist.
      He will be going to Egypt to be anointed by the high priest of Satan. He will be put in charge of the European Union and he will have his brief reign before I will bring his power to a close with My Comet of Chastisement. Do not have any fear of the evil ones, for I will protect you from being persecuted when you are made invisible. Trust in Me and you will soon see My victory once you see the Antichrist taking his seat of power."  (4)

      August 2, 2003:
      Jesus said: "My people, as I and St. John the Baptist were persecuted, so you and all Christians will be persecuted by the Arabs. The Arabs have a deep seated hate for the Christians which resulted from ancient times, and you are seeing this played out in many conflicts all over the world today. This hate will worsen even as you are seeing terrorism today in Asia and the Middle East . Religious differences and perpetrated instigation by the one world people will drive a wedge of war between the East and the West. This general warfare will reach right into the tribulation as the
      Antichrist will come on the scene. He will claim to be a man of peace at first, but then he will become a tyrant power demanding everyone to worship him. It will be during his brief reign that My faithful will follow My angels to My refuges of protection. As you see the Antichrist come to power, you will know that My victory will be close at hand. Rejoice because soon all of the evil ones will be overcome and placed in the flames of hell."

      June 25, 1999:
      Jesus said: "My people, a time is coming when all of the governments of the world will crumble and fall into the hands of the Antichrist.  Many do not want to believe that this can happen, but this is how it is written in the Bible.  Once the Antichrist has assumed power, he will assign ten leaders as his puppets to help him control the whole world.  He will set up a mark of his image to be worshiped, and he will force everyone to buy and sell using his mark that will be placed in the right hand or forehead.  The monied people of the New World Order will control this new means of exchange through the central banks all over the world.  There will be a network of satellites to control all of this buying and selling.  My faithful will refuse to accept this authority in their lives. 
      There will be a schism in My Church that will force My true believers to go underground away from the evil influences of an Antipope and the Antichrist.  Refuse this evil money system where these chips will control those who take these chips in their bodies.  I will provide for your protection, your food and your shelter.  Just have faith in Me, and you will have nothing to fear. "

      End of messages.

      Israel and Hamas Ceasefire Begins

      BBC -- June 19, 2008 --  "A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has begun, despite a last-minute flurry of cross-border attacks.

      The truce is designed to halt Israeli incursions into the Gaza Strip, and to stop missiles being fired from Gaza into southern Israel .

      If it holds, Israel will ease its blockade on Gaza and there may be further talks on a prisoner exchange.

      Correspondents say the eve-of-truce attacks underline how fragile the agreement could be.

      There were no reports of fire from either side on Thursday morning.

      Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group which controls Gaza, said it was confident all militants would abide by
      the Egypt-brokered truce, which is supposed to last six months. ---

      --- Speaking on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the truce would be fragile and could be short-lived. ---"

      For the complete article, see:

      Gaza Ceasefire Takes Effect

      YNETNEWS - June 19, 2008 ---
      "The Egyptian brokered ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip terror groups came into effect at 6:00 am Thursday morning. ---

      --- The ceasefire is to be absolute, binding both the IDF and all the militant groups in Gaza . Should the truce hold, and after several days, Israel stands to reopen the Karni and Sufa goods crossings, allowing large quantities of food, fuel, building materials and other goods into the strip, in order to facilitate its economy.

      Once the Karni and Sufa crossings open - and prior to the reopening of the Rafah crossing - the negotiations to release kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit are to be accelerated.

      Both Israel and Egypt have linked the opening of Rafah crossing to Shalit's release. As far as the Egyptians are concerned, opening the crossing would require Hamas to agree to Palestinian Authority forces and EU monitors to be stationed in the crossing in a supervising capacity.

      Egypt has also committed to increase its intelligence gathering activities in the Sinai Peninsula in order to foil any future attempts to smuggle weapons and explosives into the Gaza Strip. ---"

      For the complete article, see:

      Israel and Hamas 'agree truce'

      BBC -- June 18, 2008 -- "Israel and militant group Hamas have agreed to end months of bitter clashes with a six-month truce starting on Thursday, Palestinian officials say.

      A Hamas official said he was confident all militant groups in Gaza would abide by the agreement,
      brokered by Egypt.

      Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said it was too early to say a truce was in place but that Israel would "give it a chance".

      Earlier at least six Palestinians died in Israeli strikes in southern Gaza . "

      "---Egyptian officials say they will continue efforts to broker a similar ceasefire in the West Bank.---"

      For the complete article, see:


      (1)   A week of years.  This is supported by
      Daniel 7 & 12 and Revelation 11, 12 & 13.  Half of the week = a time, two times and a half of time = 42 months = 1,260 days = 3.5 years.

      (2)    While the Antichrist can be born anywhere, many will be looking for him to be born in Bethlehem in order to satisfy Old Testament prophecy: "
      And thou Bethlehem Ephrata, art a little one among the thousands of Juda, out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be the ruler in Israel: and his going forth is from the beginning, from the days of eternity."  (Cf. Mic 5:2).  You will recall that during Jesus' time, some questioned whether He was the Christ as they mistakenly thought that He had been born in Nazareth. (Joh 1:46)

      (3)   The visions and messages by way of John Leary have yet-to-be-approved by the Church.  His messages can be found at

      We know that the Antichrist will falsely claim to be the Christ. As such, he will have to appear to satisfy Old Testament Prophecy. Hoseah prophesied: "When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son." (Hos. 11:1) (Also, see Mat. 2:13-20)

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