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Record Storm in Northeast USA, As Predicted

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    . Record Storm in Northeast USA, As Predicted Louise Tomkiel (1) April 15, 2007 Louise began to receive a message and said, Jesus, please cover me with
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      Record Storm in Northeast USA , As Predicted

      Louise Tomkiel (1)

      April 15, 2007

      Louise began to receive a message and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

      Then your Loving God spoke, "Torrential rains will cause floods and mudslides along much of the east coast.  Heavy winds will cause high tides with beach erosion.  So much damage is about to happen.  There will be accidents on the roads and highways.  Electric wires will fall causing darkness, lack of heat and no way to cook or do ordinary chores.  This storm has already begun.

      Next will come snow, hail and sleet while your central states are experiencing very changeable weather.  Take extra precautions with animals and children.  Stay at home as much as possible.  Lightning will strike many areas too, causing fires and much destruction.  Death is a result of such severe weather.

      Pray always for My protection, My Angels to watch over you.  I, your Loving Father, speak to warn all My children.  Disasterous times ARE upon you.  Are you ready to accept all the destruction that is now to completely change the face of the earth?  Is you house (soul) in order to meet your God?

      All is now happening at an unfathomable speed.  God and satan are at war -- war to gather souls.  Choose your side, your leader.  Let's get on with it.  My Will be done!

      Amen, all will be!  Amen, all must be!  Victory IS MINE!!!"

      End of message

      Storm Pummels East Coast With Rain, Wind

      April 16, 2007

      MYWAY -- NEW YORK (AP)  - A fierce spring nor'easter that stretched from Florida to Maine drenched the New York City area, causing heavy flooding that canceled school Monday, forced people to evacuate and slowed the soggy morning commute.

      The record-setting rain began falling Sunday night and continued into Monday morning. The storm was especially harsh in the suburbs north of New York City , where flooding led two communities to declare states of emergency. The National Guard was called into the area overnight to help with rescue and evacuation efforts.---

      ---More than 5.5 inches of rain fell in the New York region Sunday, shattering a record that had stood for more than 100 years, the National Weather Service said. The previous record for an April 15, measured in Central Park , was 1.8 inches in 1906.

      Sunday was the second wettest day on record for Central Park, the National Weather Service said, where 7.5 inches had fallen by midnight Sunday.---

      ---The governors of West Virginia and New Jersey declared states of emergency. New Jersey's Acting Gov. Richard Codey and Connecticut's Gov. M. Jodi Rell urged residents to stay home from work and off the roads, if possible. ---

      ---Up to 18 inches of heavy, wet snow was expected across the higher elevations of Maine , New Hampshire and Vermont . On the coast, strong winds and driving rain sent fishing boats to port, and residents prepared for coastal flooding.---

      ---Hundreds of people living below an earthen dam near Hamlin, W.Va., were asked to evacuate because of concerns that heavy rain had destabilized the structure.---

      ---The storm was expected to be the worst of its kind since the December 1992 nor'easter that caused millions of dollars worth of damage to buildings and forced thousands of evacuations.

      For the complete article:

      Nor'easter: Codey Declares N.J. State Of Emergency

      April 16, 2007

       (CBS) NEW YORK --  The Nor'easter that has pummeled the Tri-State area has left roadways unpassable, basements flooded, thousands without power and commuters delayed on area rails and airports.

      On Monday, acting Governor Richard Codey told CBS 2 that he is declaring a state of emergency in Jew Jersey .

      "We have 50 state roads that are unpassable. I'm not sure exactly how many local and county roads are under water," Codey told CBS 2.

      "It's a bad situation for state, and we have to attend to it," Codey added.

      "This is the worst situation since 1882," he said. "It's going to take us quite a while to recover from this storm."---

      ---The late-season Nor'easter that has besieged our area with relentless rain is almost over, but not before making a serious run at the record books.

      As of 7:15 a.m. Monday, the storm had dropped more than eight inches of rain on New York City . The deluge marks the heaviest rainfall from any one storm to hit the city in three decades.---

      ---"Record rain amounts fell across the entire Tri-State region on Sunday," added CBS 2 meteorologist John Bolaris, adding Sunday was the "fourth wettest day of all time, and had the heaviest rainfall in 30 years."

      The Storm itself is currently centered over our region providing a few dry spots across the area. It has the characteristics of a tropical storm.---"

      For the complete:


      TITANIC ANNIVERSARY BRINGS MASSIVE FLOODING TO West Virginia : Lincoln County Dam May Break; Rain Leads Gov. Manchin to Request Disaster Declaration ; Governor Declares State of Emergency ; No One Yet Displaced in McDowell, Mercer

      April 16, 2007
      Huntington, WV ( Huntington News. net) - An April Nor'easter packing rain and snow will include gusting 50 mile per hour wind along the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. While New York City has been drenched with nearly of five inches of rain, the powerful storm continues dumping flooding level moisture and, in some cases, snow along the eastern seaboard.---
      ---Gov. Joe Manchin declared a State of Emergency throughout the state just after 11 p.m. Sunday. The Emergency Operations Plan and State Emergency Operations Center have been activated. According to the statement, the rain has already caused "flash flooding, river flooding, mudslides, landslides, disrupted transportation, downed trees and the potential for additional severe weather is likely to cause considerable damage to private and public property."---
      ---An evacuation has been ordered along Mud River Road , near Hamlin, after officials observed leakage from a slip in a dam at Lee Johnson Fishing Lake . Located about five miles from Hamlin, the lake contains millions of gallons of water.---
      ---"This is a very serious situation. Should the dam fail all at once, a wall of water could sweep Hamlin and surrounding areas along the Mud River ."---
      ---Craig Hammond, of Bluefield News Net, told HNN that about three inches of snow already covers the area with a snow advisory still in effect.--- 

      ---Over in Mingo County, hundreds of roads are flooded along the Tug Fork as the river's rise is expected to reach 42 feet, four inches above flood stage. Flood warnings continue for Monroe and Morgan Counties for people living along the James, Greenbrier , and the Potomac Rivers .
      Ironically, the day's flooding comes on the 95th anniversary of one of the world's worst maritime disasters. On April 15, 1912, the so-called unsinkable Titanic went down after hitting an iceberg, killing 1,500 people."

      For the complete article:

      Flooding cripples Eastern Kentucky

      April 16, 2007

      Kentucky.com -- PIKEVILLE -- As much as 4 inches of rain in 24 hours caused evacuations, flooding and road closures in Eastern Kentucky yesterday, particularly in Floyd and Pike counties.

      A 50-foot section of U.S. 460 near Shelbiana in Pike County collapsed yesterday after at least 3 inches of rain, authorities said.

      Flooding had closed at least 15 roadways in northeastern and Eastern Kentucky by yesterday evening, said Scott Pieratt of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Pieratt said there were several rockslides and mudslides in the area.

      "That whole region's pretty much affected," Pieratt said. "It's all a mess."

      U.S. 460 will be closed indefinitely while road crews "do major work because 460 doesn't exist there," said C.J. Childers, deputy emergency management director for Pike County .

      Traffic is being detoured onto Ky. 1460, Childers said.

      Kentucky State Police Sgt. Jamey Kidd said the road collapse was reported shortly after noon yesterday in eastern Pike County . No injuries or vehicles were involved, Kidd said.

      The Millard Volunteer Fire Department was on the scene and closed the road to traffic, Kidd said.

      Hal Klingenberg, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Jackson, said 2 to 3 inches of rain over the past day had been reported by midmorning. ---"

      For the complete article:


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