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Tornadoes Rip Through Central USA, As Predicted

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    . Tornadoes Rip Through Central USA, As Predicted The Lord is not slow about his promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you, not wishing
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      Tornadoes Rip Through Central USA, As Predicted

      "The Lord is not slow about his promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance." (Cf. 2Pe 3:9)

      Louise Tomkiel (1) resides in the State of Pennsylvania in the USA .  Her messages have yet-to-be-approved by the Church. 

      On March 21, 2007, she received the first following message from God in which He advised that the USA would be chastised for its sins.  Most noteworthy at this time was His statement about tornadoes occurring in the Central States of theUS .  Only a few days later on March 29th, a huge storm stretching from north to south moved eastward across theUS .  The storm was severe, and dumped several inches of snow in the west, spawned 65-70 tornadoes and hail storms in the central states, and dumped more snow and rain in the east.  One of the tornadoes that occurred on the 29th was the width of two football fields at its base!

      During the morning of March 29th, Louise received the second following message advising that the tornadoes were coming now.  Louise is not connected to the Internet, and does not possess a computer.  She writes down the messages in long-hand as she receives them.  Subsequently, she transmits them by way of fax to another lady; who transcribes them, and sends them to me (and others) via email.  I received my emailed copy of the March 29th message on the 29th, while the storm and the tornadoes that it spawned were raging in the Central States.

      Louise Tomkiel

      March 21, 2007 

      Louise began to receive a message and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." (and again various other prayers of testing).

      Then God spoke, "The entire Central States of your country from North to South will now see THE TORNADO like never seen or felt before.  The West Coast and the Mountain States will quiver and shake until the mountains crumble.  The Eastern States of your country will feel mighty powerful storms combining: wind, rain, snow and sleet, for My anger and My hand can no longer be held back.  You are looking disaster in the eye.  These are no longer labor pains.  You will feel My Mighty Wrath.  Your country and the world are dense with sin.  Today, (in His Time)  you will feel turbulence everywhere.  Stay with Me.  Follow Me.  Seek and do only My Will for you each minute of the day. 

      My Mercy, the time of My Mercy, is coming to an abrupt end for you foolish people who choose to ignore the word of your God.  My Warnings will cease. 

      Amen, I have spoken!  Hear and obey the word of your God or eternally live your just punishment -- Hell forever!  You, by your actions, are dooming your souls to Hell.  AMEN!"

      March 29, 2007 -- 10 A.M. 

      Louise began to receive a message and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

      Then your God spoke, "A tornado with incredibly high winds is now to rip through the central states ( USA ).  Excessive damage will leave a path of death and destruction.

      Go immediately to a basement or dugout to help preserve your life.  Take children and animals with you.  Do not hesitate.

      The storm is now gathering force and will be merciless.  When you hear of the proximity of this storm in your area, go quickly to a shelter.  Do not linger even for a minute.

      Children, your lives are at stake."

       (Louise was shown this in a vision, also.)

      Deadly Tornados in Colorado andOklahoma

      NY TIMES - March 29, 2007 -- "Four people died in Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma after tornados swept through their areas last night as part of a storm system that also brought violent weather to at least three other states, officials said today. More damage from the storms could be uncovered throughout today as officials assess the extent of destruction left by the 65 tornados that rolled through six states on Wednesday.---

      ---The tornados also swept through Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas, said Patrick Slattery of the National Weather Service. Some areas were also pummeled by large hailstones and heavy snowfall.

      "It was a big storm, a big system," he said. "The majority of these were almost in a straight north-south line along the Kansas-Nebraska border.---"


      Severe Weather Plagues Plains; 2 Dead

      FORBES - March 29, 2007 -- "A major storm swept through the Rockies and onto the Plains on Wednesday, dropping snow that caused highway pileups and spawning tornadoes. At least two people died.

      Weather watches and warnings stretched from South Dakota to Texas as the storm marched east. ---"


      70 tornados strike, killing 4 across US plains

      TIMES ONLINE - March 30, 2007 -- "A huge spring storm unfurled more than 70 tornados across six American states, killing four people and injuring more than a dozen, US media reported today.

      The succession of tornados, which caused deaths in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas and damage in Illinois, Kansas and Nebraska, began on Wednesday evening and continued until yesterday afternoon, hurling down snow, rain and outsized hailstones across a broad belt of American plains.

      In Holly, a town of 1,500 people in southeastern Colorado, a woman was killed when she and two children were thrown into a tree after a tornado more than 200m (700ft) across zigzagged its way across the town, leveling houses, killing cattle and tearing up trees.---"



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