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Mahogany Update & A Big Concern

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  • kristenpettoni
    Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you an update on our dental visit. Since we had to cancel from the other Saturday due to weather we rescheduled for this
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      Hey everyone,

      Just wanted to give you an update on our dental visit. Since we
      had to cancel from the other Saturday due to weather we rescheduled
      for this past Sat. Well first off it took 1400lbs worth of sedative
      to knock Mahogany down enough to work on him, he's mid 800 low
      900lbs range due to being underwight, and he should be 1100. We
      gave him a dose for 1000lbs and it made his head heavy to hold but
      if the float got started he wanted nothing to do with it. After he
      was out enough to work on it only lasted 20 minutes before he was
      almost completely awake again, I was very surprised.
      So once we got past that it went well. Sadly he only has 4
      molars, 2 on each top side, nothing on the bottom. He's about 20+,
      all his inscissors are still in, and canines, he had a grind and she
      was impressed by that, but she said she does not know how. She took
      down the molars, although hardly anything was left he did have some
      mean little hooks. She did not float the inscissors, she said in a
      few weeks she'll come back out to take those down, she is going to
      check with some colleagues to get a few opinions on his condition.
      He had grind after she took the teeth down and she does not know
      why, so we'll see what else is to come in a few weeks. I have to
      flush his mouth out twice a day with a mouth wash for the next week,
      he does not like that one bit. His tongue was cut, and it appears a
      knife or some sort of blade was used. It's very very old, but it
      has done some damage as far as his overall mouth health. I wasn't
      able to get clear photos of it, but it's a sight to see. I'll try
      again next time.

      The next thing we have discovered is even more of a concern to me.
      I had mentioned in my original post that when I attempted to clean
      his sheath he became very aggitated and that's just not Mahogany's
      nature, he actually attempted to kick. So while he was out of it,
      and 'relaxed' I love sedative sometimes, I went ahead and cleaned
      it. He had alot of build up in the inside, not so much on the
      actual penis itself...... however he has a large growth on it. It's
      abnormal looking in my opinion and is solid, when I cleaned off the
      smegma from around it it actually started to bleed slightly. I have
      never had this happen even on heavy build ups. So I'm going to
      speak to the vet, and hopefuly we'll be able to biopsy it. It is
      about mid way on the shaft, and Mahogany due to the appy genes is
      all pink in pigment so that just adds to my concern with the risk of
      malignancy. I was unable to do a blood panel on him last week and
      didn't have the right vials on Saturday so I'm going to run up to my
      vets on my way home tonight and pull some blood so it gets out this
      week. Just to make sure we're not going to find anything else going

      So......that's where we are right now. So far the corn oil seems to
      be helping his coat, he's shedding out better and starting to get a
      little more sheen to it. It's still a dull staring coat, and it
      curls on his back and sides, but it is looking healthier. One
      reason I want to run some blood is to make sure we're not looking at
      early Cushing's, I doubt it, but it's worth ruling out. I've had
      experience with Cushing's before, and although the coat isn't
      resembling the heavy hair growth I still want to check it off my
      The wetted pellets are wonderful, he's still loosing some when he
      eats, but he's getting the majority in the first time before he
      cleans up afterwards. Unfortunately this is what we'll be dealing
      with for the rest of his years, but that's perfectly alright.
      Adding the yeast has helped his digestion, thanks Jenny so much for
      that tip. His manure is looking great, formed and soft, alot of
      grass is getting through but that's always going to be. My order
      should be here today or tomorrow so I can add the Source to it.
      We'll add the beet pulp later this week, his mouth has been very
      tender so I'm not forcing too much on him until a couple of more
      days. The dentist advised me against beet pulp for the concerns of
      choke, but if he hasn't choked on dry grain, with no teeth and holds
      his head up to chew and swallow, and a tongue that dosen't work,
      then I doubt we have too much to worry about. I told her I'm going
      to soak it, and that I soak his feed now to begin with, she was
      pushing a Southern States feed, but I'm not switching him any more
      unless this regimen fails. I think we're on the right path though,
      just going to take a few months to see how we're doing. It's
      amazing the difference between Mahogany who was neglected and abused
      all his life, at least the majority of it, I'm leaning towards all
      of it, in comparison to my 22 y/o QH gelding who is fit as a fiddle
      and 1200lbs of solid muscle, and has been cared for all of his
      life. There's no reason for Mahogany to of been treated the way he
      has, it's so frustrating sometimes but he's loved now and he knows
      it. Keeping our fingers crossed, I'll update when we know something
      about the growth next.

      Buckingham, VA

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