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Re: Prism Drivers upped to Brian's Site

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  • markdesi2003
    I just noticed that the installer put Prism Status Icon.lnk in CeFiles Programs Startup ... are ... tray ... in ... use
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 27, 2005
      I just noticed that the installer put 'Prism Status Icon.lnk' in

      --- In epods@yahoogroups.com, "markdesi2003" <markdesi@h...> wrote:
      > BeePod Instructions:
      > Copy the cab file to your ePod and double tap to install. If you
      > using BeePod choose \CeFiles\Program Files\ as the installation
      > directory.
      > The installer will put PRISMSTA.exe in \CeFiles\Program
      > Files\Intersil PRISM Wireless LAN\
      > Cut PRISMCFG.cpl from Windows and paste it in \CeFiles
      > Cut PRISMNDS.dll from Windows and paste it in \CeFiles
      > Cut PRISMIOC.dll from Windows and paste it in \CeFiles
      > Cut PRISMRES.dll from Windows and paste it in \CeFiles
      > If you installed the driver that came with your card you'll have a
      > registry entry for it.
      > Example for US Robotics Card:
      > HKLM,Drivers\PCMCIA\U.S._Robotics-IEEE_802.11b_PC-CARD-DB69
      > Change the Miniport entry to PRISM
      > You can configure the card by tapping on the icon in the system
      > or through Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
      > These drivers are newer than what's in PRISM2.4000.CAB 194kb (Sept
      > 21, 2000)
      > PRISM.4000.CE211.Jan2002.zip contains Prism.4000.cab 301kb. The
      > drivers are dated Jan 17, 2002. (confirmed by looking at
      > the 'About'tab on your Prism Wireless Settings)
      > My Netgear MA701 works great using the setup noted above.
      > As Brian (and others) have pointed out, if you use the older
      > PRISM2.4000.CAB you cannot have the CPL file in the same folder as
      > your control panel CPL, because it will prevent your control panel
      > from working. The PRISM CPL from PRISM2.4000.CAB file can be put
      > the same folder that your prismsta.exe file.
      > If these newer drivers work for you, let us know which card you
      > and which hack you use.
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