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BarterBart.com world wide auction (NO FEES)!

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  • Kathy Ging
    Barter bart ­ interesting! No fees, worldwide... http://www.barterbart.com/?gclid=CP2J6d38-5ICFQTNiQodpBTEBQ THE PURPOSE of this website is to provide an
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2008
      BarterBart.com world wide auction  (NO FEES)! Barter bart – interesting! No fees, worldwide...


      of this website is to provide an exciting way for people all across the world to trade their cool items and services for other cool items and services. Since the trading is done in an auction style format, you may end up getting a whole lot more than you expected for the item or service you listed.

      Eventually, certain features may be available for purchase such as flashing text for item titles or posting multiple photos. (1 photo per listing is free)

      The idea here is: No money, just barter and trade in an auction style format!

      If you are worried about trusting the person you barter with, you should consider utilizing the local barter option. This way you don't have to worry about shipping your items, as you can simply meet somewhere in your local community to make the trade. Remember, BarterBart.com only serves as a free service to set up an initial contact between two people who want to barter. No contracts are made or implied by winning an auction. Good luck and we hope you find what you are looking for!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What the heck is BarterBart?

      BarterBart.com is a website that lets you trade your unwanted stuff for stuff that you actually want. It's done in an auction style format so you may end up getting a lot more for your item or service than you might expect.

      2. What makes BarterBart different from other sites on the web?

      Other sites are either too complicated or just straight-up unusable.

      3. What do I pay for this service? ($$$ ?)

      Nothing, it's FREE and will remain that way. Eventually, you will be given the option to purchase features which make your auctions or bids appear more prominently. Examples would be flashing text or adding multiple photos. (1 photo per listing is free)

      4. How does bidding on items and services work if there is no money involved?

      THE PROCESS FOR BIDDING on something is as follows:

      A    Register to obtain your free account
      B    Search for something to bid on.
      C    Use your username and password to offer items or services that this person wants.

      D    That person will then give your offer a rating (BEST OFFER, GOOD OFFER, or REJECTED) as well as leave some comments about your offer. Service listings will receive a rating of either GOOD OFFER or REFUSED and emails will be exchanged immediately if the lister rates an offer as GOOD OFFER.

      E    For item listings, the auction is over at either a specified time or when the lister decides an offer is just too good for the auction to continue. Service listings continue as long as the lister specifies.

      F    After an item auction is over, the lister has one final day to rate all the offers (including ones that arrived in last few minutes of the auction). Emails will be exchanged between the lister and highest bidder so further shipping details can be arranged.

      6. What if I don't like the offers for my item or service?

      The lister of an item or service always has the option of rejecting all the offers. Trades are done only when both parties involved are satisfied.

      7. Once the auction is over and I am either the lister or the high bidder, am I obligated to trade?

      No contracts are made through BarterBart.

      Even after emails have been sent, no obligations to barter are made or implied through this service. You can always back out of a trade at any time if you do not feel comfortable with the transaction.

      Some categories:
      Construction and Remodeling
      Computer Repair
      Lessons and Tutoring
      Auto Repair

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