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chipping your chickens

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  • Mark Robinowitz
    a little reality check for the permaculture world ... garden clubs don t slow down fascism http://cryptogon.com/?p=57#comments Feds Back Off Mandatory
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
      a little reality check for the permaculture world ... garden clubs don't slow down fascism

      Feds Back Off Mandatory Livestock Registration - For Now

      December 1st, 2006

      Good news? Maybe. Maybe not. My guess is that this will be back with a vengeance, and slammed through VERY fast under the guise of an “emergency”. The system will be up and running on a voluntary basis. After the “emergency” it’s just a flick of the president’s pen to make it mandatory.
      The hissing, snarling fascists tell Americans that they don’t have to microchip their chickens and it seems like a great victory. Meanwhile, the government has been secretly assigning threat index scores to all travelers entering and leaving the United States! But you don’t have to microchip your chickens. For now…
      This is the state of things now. These are the little glimmers of hope that people grasp for when they live under diabolical regimes:
      The Bush administration is abandoning plans to make farmers and ranchers register their cows, pigs and chickens in a nationwide database intended to help limit disease outbreaks.
      Faced with widespread opposition, the Agriculture Department said Wednesday the animal tracking program should remain voluntary.
      It’s likely family farmers concerned about animal identification will remain leery, rural Mountain Grove resident Doreen Hannes said.
      Hannes, who helped organize a session at a local livestock auction earlier this year to discuss the proposal, said she wants to see how “voluntary” is defined before letting her guard down.
      “The real key here is the word voluntary has to be defined,” said Hannes, who raise goats on her family’s small farm.
      Even if the department says it is for voluntary participation, it’s possible there will be so much pressure on family farmers that a voluntary program causes the same disruption as a mandatory program, she said.

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