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Nate Downey - Harvesting the Rain - Sunday

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  • Robert Bolman
    Hey Everybody, Remember, this is happening tomorrow. See you there, Rob ... Hey Everybody, Remember, this is happening tomorrow. See you there, Rob On 9/27/11
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      Hey Everybody,
      Remember, this is happening tomorrow.
      See you there,

      On 9/27/11 2:22 PM, Robert Bolman wrote:
      Harvest the Rain, Book-Signing & Talk with Nate Downey

      Sunday, Oct 2nd, 6:00
      Maitreya EcoVillage Community Room
      1641 West Broadway, Eugene
      info: 541-344-7196

      "Every drop of rain is an opportunity, every storm a resource" Nate Downey


              If we want thriving landscapes, abundant food, strong communities, and sustainable economies, we can start by treasuring rain. 

      Join Nate Downey, author of the newly published book Harvestthe Rain as he shares thoughts and strategies for taking advantage of rain, a precious resource that falls free from the sky.

      For millennia, people relied on rainwater harvesting to supply water for households, landscape, livestock, and agricultural uses. Today, our planet's water shortage is a reality for people worldwide, but if utilized strategically, enough precipitation falls annually to provide ample water for everybody.  We simply have to collect, store, distribute, and reuse just a small percentage of that which falls from the sky. 

      Fortunately this way of saving the world comes with perks such as increasing your property's value, lowering your utility bills, or simply creating a comfortable oasis outside your door.

      Nate Downey shows you the way with his practical book that anyone can use to begin implementing rainwater harvesting designs today.  Harvest the Rain is low tech, designed for everyone, everywhere, even for those with limited time and money.  In addition to cisterns, gray water, and earthworks, the book shares important ways to help protect and rejuvenate your local watershed.

      Nate Downey has been a successful permaculture landscape designer and installer for eighteen years with his company Santa Fe Permaculture; a columnist for the last twelve years for the Santa Fe New Mexican Real Estate Guide, and is a past President of the Permaculture Credit Union.  He published Roof Reliant Landscaping in 2008.

      The event takes place on Sunday, October 2nd at 6:00 at the Maitreya EcoVillage Community Room, 1641 West Broadway in Eugene

      ***Nate Downey Booktour: Sept 27-Oct 30 Portland Oregon to San Diego . Official tour sponsor, Permaculture Credit Union www.pcuonline.org

      Additional Resources:

      ·      Website Harvest the Rain Book  http://harvesttherain.com

      ·      Roof Reliant Landscaping ebook New Mexico Office of Engineer  http://www.ose.state.nm.us/wucp_RoofReliantLandscaping.html

      ·      Santa Fe Permaculture www.santafepermaculture.com

      ·      American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Annual meeting Sept 27-29 Portland Oregon  http://www.arcsa.org

      Nate Downey on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WW9-6CDwD8
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