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25092Re: [epguild] Oregon: Ban GMO products. Petitions that call for "labeling" are distractions

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  • Mark Robinowitz
    Nov 26, 2013
      I look forward to the day when "Move On" suggests a Democrat should be voted out for promoting ecological destruction and public health abuses.

      Kitzhaber is not a friend of full disclosure of Frankenfood (euphemistically called GMO), promotes clearcuts, highway expansion, permits helicopter spraying of herbicides, etc.

      Labeling is not enforceable, only prevention could work.

      It's expensive to determine and in many cases by the time the test is done the food will have been eaten.

      If grocery stores won't bother to label waxed foods, which is simple to do, why would they enforce labeling of frankenfoods, which is difficult to do.

      We tried the labeling approach in the late 1980s in the food irradiation prevention movement. A few places passed labeling laws but what stopped it was going after the corporations who were thinking of using it, or in a few cases were using a few irradiated ingredients on a test basis (Rice-A-Roni, for example). There's a small amount still being zapped but in 1985 the industry (and Slade Gorton of Washington State) claimed there would be a thousand food irradiators in the US by the year 2000. I think they got three and they all went broke. Frankenfood, on the other hand, is most of the corn and soy and a bunch of other crops (sugar beets in the Willamette valley). The companies that use it have no pressure campaigns from environmentalists. The politicians who presided over the bulk of the approvals got the environmental endorsements (Clinton and Gore).

      The big donors to the environmental movement are not interested in substantive shifts, they want the illusion of victory which distracts from reality. This is the Democratic Party approach - pretend to be green while pushing business as usual. The Republican Party approach is just to deny the problems, but this seems secondary these days.

      I prefer the term the environmentalists used to use - "frankenfood."

      GMO is the industry label, and much more sanitized. Sanitized for their protection.

      "We operate on the presumption that people are basically law-abiding. If we assumed that there would always be these kinds of repeated and flagrant violations, well, hell, then we'd need a huge staff of inspectors just like a police force."
      -- Wayne Pines, Associate FDA Commissioner for Public Affairs (1980)
      cited in Orville Schell, "Modern Meat," p. 199

      On Nov 25, 2013, at 9:05 PM Nov 25, David Hoffman wrote:

      > -------- Original Message --------
      > Subject: Oregon: Demand labels on GMO products
      > Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 19:16:01 -0800
      > From: Tim Moore <moveon-help@...>
      > Dear Oregon MoveOn member,
      > I'm Tim Moore, a MoveOn member in Bend, Oregon, and I started a petition
      > to the Oregon State Legislature and Governor John Kitzhaber, which says:
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