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Wireless Pagers and Accessories - Labor Weekend Sale

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    BLUE Epeachy News New Epeachy s Sponsor - See the deafpagers ad at http://www.epeachynews.org/newads.html ... Sent by deafpagers
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      BLUE Epeachy News

      New Epeachy's Sponsor -
      See the deafpagers' ad at
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      Wireless Pagers and Accessories - Labor Weekend Sale


      Labor Weekend Sale

      Deafpagers.com is the leader in the deaf wireless market.

      *New Accessories Come In
      *Crashed up to 80% off on Accessories
      *Free Shipping for Ancestries orders
      *Most Popular Device - Sidekick 3, Sidekick iD, and Blackberry 8700 -
      On Sale!
      *New Device Comparison Chart

      New Accessories come in!

      Sidekick Executive Horizontal Pouch
      The Sidekick Executive Horizontal Pouch is made of high quality
      material designed specifically for the Sidekick device. It features a
      quick access magnetic button closure to
      keep your phone secure and easy to access. The back of the pouch
      features a fixed belt clip that allows you to wear your Sidekick on
      your side in complete comfort. The Sidekick
      Executive Horizontal Pouch is compatible with the Sidekick ID,
      Sidekick , Sidekick iD and Sidekick 3 devices.

      What about Blackberry 8705g or 8700g?
      The Sidekick 3 Phone Protector Case protects the body of your phone
      while providing unobstructed access to your phone. The leopard print
      give the Sidekick 3 a unique look that's one of a kind. The four-
      piece protector case snaps securely onto the
      front and back of your Sidekick 3. Specifically made for the Sidekick
      3, the case is lightweight and durable. With the Sidekick 3 Phone
      Protector Case, you will be able to function your device
      and keep it safe with maximum protection.

      Sidekick iD Aluminum Case
      The Sidekick ID Monaco Aluminum Case is manufactured with 100%
      anodized aircraft grade aluminum and the design of the case is form
      fitting for the Sidekick ID device. The
      neoprene lining located on the top, bottom, and side holds the
      handheld securely in place.
      The lock on the side holds the top and bottom of the case tightly
      together and prevents the case from accidentally opening. With this
      form-fitting metal aluminum case, your
      investment is protected.

      Sidekick iD Aluminum Case
      Protect your device investment with a high quality screen protector!
      This is a quality product that you can cling on tightly onto your
      handheld screen and also can be removed
      easily to be washed/cleaned and installed painlessly back on. The
      PDaird device screen protector is silicon based which will not leave
      any sticky residue. This is the ultimate
      solution in protecting your handheld screen from fingerprints, dirt,
      scratches, smudges and grease.

      Our BIGGEST ever Sale on Accessories!

      Up to 80% of http://www.deafpagers.com/accessories/

      Come Visit Our Famous Sidekick And Blackberry Accessory Store... NOW
      at Up to 80 percent off!

      Guess what? If you purchase more than 30 dollars worth of
      accessories, you get FAST and FREE shipping!

      All Accessory orders made
      by 2 pm ET, will ship out the same day

      For Details check out at

      Sidekick 3 Desktop Charge & Sync Cradle
      NOW $23.95
      Regular $26.95
      We have one of the newest Sidekick 3 accessories. Sidekick 3 Desktop
      Charge & Sync Cradle with AC adapter and slot to charge second
      battery! This great cradle lets you watch
      your Sidekick 3 at the perfect angle to read incoming messages, while
      charging it at the same time. A LED light lets you know the charging
      status. Only $26.95. $23.95
      Learn more at

      Device Sales

      Sidekick 3 -

      Sidekick iD -

      Blackberry 8700g -

      Updated QWERTY Device Chart for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

      Deafpagers.com has been hard at work researching information on the
      current QWERTY devices that we have available, and we have finally
      refreshed ourdevice comparison chart for your convenience when making
      a purchasing decision.


      On this chart, we have taken the time to include information that is
      of direct benefit to deaf and hard of hearing users, such as the data-
      only service fees, what type of email the
      device supports, what kind of IM software is included, support for
      relay - is it client or web based, and hearing aid compatibility
      (HAC) ratings. We did not forget those who have
      low vision as well - we've collected info on whether or not devices
      support 14 point size fonts or larger.

      The charts columns represent different devices, and each column is
      color coded to allow you to easily discern which carrier that device
      is available from. Hope this chart proves useful to you all, because
      it provides information focused on deaf and hard of
      hearing users. However, please keep in mind that this chart does have
      a disclaimer, and it is not a
      substitute for your own research before purchasing.


      World's largest Deaf-Owned Wireless Company.

      We have a retail Deafpagers.com Store next to Gallaudet Campus
      Our store hours are: Mons, Wed and Thurs 12 pm to 4 pm

      i711 -- Just Better Relay: Deaf people are raving about our service.
      Why? It's better! Try it today -- FREE.

      i711.com is Relay & Beyond.
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