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GAD Conference is PROUD to announce and offer Education Workshop at the Conference

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    BLUE Epeachy News Sent by Christopher Merritt Georgia Association of the Deaf Conference Committee is proud to announce the newest
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
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      BLUE Epeachy News

      Sent by Christopher Merritt <chrisprez05@...>

      Georgia Association of the Deaf Conference Committee is proud to
      announce the newest educational workshop offered at the Conference in
      Savannah, Georgia.

      This workshop, "From The Inside Out - Conflict Resolution" will be
      presented by Savannah's own Dana L. Taylor, M.S.Ed. The workshop will
      be offered on July 18th and 19th (at the GAD Conference 2007 in
      Savannah at DeSoto Hilton). This workshop will be a 10 hr workshop
      which 1.0 PLU will be provided (if mastery is met of course).

      The flyer and registration form will be posted shortly on the GAD's
      website, www.gadeaf.org under the workshop section in the Conference
      section. Please take a look and I strongly encourage you to spread
      the word out to those who might be interested in attending!

      Short Bio:
      Dana L. Taylor, M.S.Ed.

      Founder and CEO of The Elijah Agency, a business and educational
      consulting group, has worked extensively in higher education since
      1982. Her professional experiences include Founding Director of
      Minority Scholars Institute, Assistant Athletic Director of Academic
      Affairs and tenured instructor of Child Care and Development at Lamar
      University, Beaumont, Texas. As a certified mediator specializing in
      gang intervention, she developed the first Conflict Resolution
      course and taught court-mandated Parent Education classes at San Diego
      Community College district, San Diego, California. Her breadth of
      knowledge in interpreting American Sign Language expands 35 years in
      a multiplicity of settings including legal, educational, medical,
      corporate, and the arts and entertainment.
      Currently, a resident of Savannah, Georgia, Ms. Taylor travels
      throughout the United States presenting educational workshops at
      schools, conferences and universities.
      She received her Master of Science in Education specializing in
      School Psychology from Duquesne University and a Bachelor of Science
      in Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Education at
      Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.
      Ms. Taylor has received additional training in linguistics and
      interpreting at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. and substance
      abuse at The Betty Ford Center, Palm
      Desert, California.

      Christopher Merritt, President
      Georgia Association of the Deaf, Inc.
      Post Office Box 1616
      Stockbridge, GA 30281
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