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DeafCoffee Lover - Press Release

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    BLUE Epeachy News Sent by Grant W Laird Jr Press Release Dear DeafCoffee.com Lover, As of today, we have accumulated 24 states and 75
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
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      BLUE Epeachy News

      Sent by "Grant W Laird Jr" <grant@...>

      Press Release

      Dear DeafCoffee.com Lover,

      As of today, we have accumulated 24 states and 75 deaf chat coffee
      places from all over the United States. That is an achievement! We
      still want to reach our goal -- ALL FIFTY STATES of the United States
      of America! Only you can help us make this happen! Tell everyone you
      know in and out of your state and maybe they'll get one started

      It's been over a year now since we opened DeafCoffee.com. Guess
      what? We decided to do a nice redesign on our website to provide a
      better kiosk of information! This site also will help you look at
      deafcoffee.com on your T-Mobile Sidekick much easier! We've also
      added a frequently Answer Question (FAQ) section & an "Add Deaf Chat
      Coffee" Request form online for anyone to use!

      Please share Deaf Chat Coffee with your friends, co-workers and
      family members! This is a great get-together event also for ASL
      students to come and learn while meeting people. You simply can tell
      anybody to visit us at our website: http://www.deafcoffee.com
      Anybody is welcome!

      For those of you that are new to DeafCoffee.com -- Deaf Chat Coffee
      is for you to be part of an enjoyable, family-oriented, smoking-free
      fun event!! Our site is dedicated to providing information about any
      and all coffee social events across the USA! Many of our sites are
      close to your home! If there is none, you can always start one for
      your local community, and enjoy it at the same time! There is no
      charge for admission and you are not required to purchase anything at
      the coffee shop you elect to attend. However we do encourage you to
      buy something at their shop. They always will appreciate our business
      and feel good about us being there.

      DeafCoffee.com now has an e-mail-based mailing list -- please feel
      free to sign up or forward to your friend or families to sign up. Go
      to http://newsletter.deafcoffee.com (http://newsletter at
      deafcoffee.com )to get started!

      For those of you who have a small business or something to say -- we
      have some advertising opportunities on DeafCoffee.com. If any of you
      is interested in a banner ad, email footer advertisement, email blast
      advertisement, or some other form of advertisement please, please
      contact us at info@d...! We will be more than happy to
      take care of you. Also, if you have any suggestions or comments
      about our DeafCoffee.com website, send it our way! Again, our e-mail
      is info@d.... We appreciate all feedback and suggestions!

      Oh, before we go, we have an excellent photo gallery! It's been
      moved to be under the deafcoffee.com domain. Check out

      http://gallery.deafcoffee.com And -- guess what -- we want all of
      your pictures from your event! If you have some, please contact us
      at info@d... on how to get it up in the gallery. We would
      love to show everybody how fun it is to have a deaf coffee social!

      Thank you for making DeafCoffee.com what it is now, and keeps it up
      for the future!

      The DeafCoffee.com team:
      Grant W. Laird, Jr., Brenden Gilbert, Steven Whitworth, & Sam Dunn
      **info at deafcoffee.com**
      DeafCoffee.com is sponsored by Crazy Technologies LLC --
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