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ATLANTA: Return to Neverland for Deaf, Blind & HOH Film Fans!

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    BLUE Epeachy News Callaghan, Brian **PLEASE pass this email on to your friends, family and organizations/schools for the blind, deaf
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
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      BLUE Epeachy News

      "Callaghan, Brian" <BCallagh@...>

      **PLEASE pass this email on to your friends, family and
      organizations/schools for the blind, deaf and HOH in the Atlanta area
      -- especially the radio reader service for the blind! Thanks! We
      need your help in getting the word out!***

      The Parkway Pointe General Cinema in northwest Atlanta (Cumberland,
      Georgia) will be playing PETER PAN: RETURN TO NEVERLAND (G) with Rear
      Window Captioning (RWC) for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and
      descriptive narration (DVS) for the blind this week. Only in the one
      specially equipped auditorium and only at the showtimes listed below.

      Other upcoming films with DVS Descriptions and RWC Captions include
      Captioned films such as LORD OF THE RINGS and OCEAN'S 11 for the Deaf
      and HOH in Atlanta, consult www.tripod.org for other movies and

      ****To use the RWC or DVS technology, don't forget to pick up your
      captioning screen or DVS headset at Guest Services before you go into
      the auditorium. And DO get to the theatre at least 20 minutes in
      advance to increase your chances of getting the equipment, as supplies
      are somewhat limited. We don't recommend any groups of more than six
      people attending at any one time, due to a limited number of headsets
      and captioning screens.

      ***If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the
      DVS/Rear Window program, please ask me via email. Our theatre
      managers and theatre staff are not equipped to answer many questions
      about the program.
      They merely run the movies when they get them in their theatres. If
      you have a question, please direct it my way, as many of you already

      The movie previews are not captioned or described -- just the
      actual movie itself. The best place to sit when using the equipment
      is in the first few rows of the tiered stadium seating section -- on
      the same side as the lit Reader Board on the rear wall of the
      auditorium. The captions do NOT appear directly on the screen -- only
      on your reflective captioning screen.

      Parkway Pointe
      Friday, March 1 to Thursday, March 7
      RETURN TO NEVERLAND (G) 1:10 3:05 5:00 7:05 9:00
      (DVS & RWC)

      Please pick up your DVS headset or RWC captioning screen before you
      go into the auditorium.

      The Parkway Pointe 15 General Cinema is the only conventional movie
      theatre in Atlanta with this technology which provides access to movie
      fans with a loss of hearing or vision. There is no extra cost for the
      use of the special equipment required, but the number of pieces of the
      equipment is limited, so we recommend getting to the theatre at least
      30 minutes in advance to increase your chances for getting one.

      We would greatly appreciate it if you could pass this email to your
      friends, organizations and readers. We need your help and support in
      order to make more and more films available in this format. Or, if
      you think they'd like to receive this email on a regular basis, send
      us their email addresses.

      The General Cinema Parkway Pointe 15 is located at 3101 Cobb Parkway
      in Cumberland, Georgia, about 1/2 mile south of the Galleria and
      Cumberland Mall --next to Borders Books.

      WGBH in Boston has done a great job developing this technology, and
      in captioning and describing the films so well. They're working to
      get us more movies than ever this year. Already we have commitments
      for about a dozen upcoming films.

      We'll keep you updated in the weeks ahead with future movies and

      (If you'd like to be added to our email list, please send a reply
      email to me at "BCallagh@g..." with the word "Atlanta" in the subject
      box. If you'd like to be taken off our list, just type "Atlanta
      Delete" in the box.)

      Thank you for helping us provide access for EVERYONE at the movies.
      We really do need your support in order to secure more captioned and
      described films in the future. Please spread the word -- and this
      email -- to your friends! Thanks!

      Brian Callaghan,
      General Cinema Theatres
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