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    BLUE Epeachy News Sent by Frank Nesbit ; Educational Interpreter License May 15, 2013 Good morning, everyone! I have great news, the
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      BLUE Epeachy News

      Sent by Frank Nesbit <fnesbit@...>;

      Educational Interpreter License

      May 15, 2013

      Good morning, everyone!

      I have great news, the Educator Interpreters License rule was adopted at the Commission meeting last week and will become effective 6/15/13! Please take a moment to review the new Educational Interpreters License certification rule at: http://www.gapsc.com/Commission/Rules/Proposed/Download/20130325/505-2-.043.pdf

      Next, our office will develop a guidance document and implementation timeline for interpreters who are currently employed in Georgia school systems. I feel certain that many Interpreters will be anxious to receive the license; however, it is very important that these individuals follow the application procedures that we are currently creating. Once the implementation timeline is published to our website, the Certification staff and Outreach team will begin to provide ongoing training and support for systems and Interpreters. In the meantime, if you receive questions in the field, we ask that you assist us in letting Interpreters know that detailed guidance, instructions and training is forthcoming.

      Again, thank you for your many contributions in developing this new rule!

      Most sincerely,

      Rose Wilson
      Certification Supervisor
      Georgia Professional Standards Commission

      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA)

      The GaDOE is changing how it makes the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) available to candidates. We will no longer use the TASK-12 web site for registrations. Testing that begins in the fall will be managed through a new system that is not yet available. Please watch for future announcements about our new testing and registration system, which we anticipate being convenient and customer friendly.

      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Georgia Pathway to Language and Literacy

      Be sure to use the resources and interaction available to you at Georgia Pathway.


      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Institute Designed for Educating All Students (IDEAS) 2013
      June 3 – 6, 2013
      Epworth by the Sea, St Simons Island

      Georgia Department of Education's Division for Special Education Services and Supports is proud to offer the IDEAS conference in partnership with Georgia Tools for Life, Georgia CEC and Georgia Sensory Assistance Project. The IDEAS Conference will offer a wide range of session topics and presentations that will address technical and functional perspectives for all educators who teach students with disabilities.

      Agenda, registration and other information available at: http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Special-Education-Services/Pages/IDEAS-2013.aspx

      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Georgia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf member section for Educational Interpreters

      The Georgia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf has recently set up an IEIS (Interpreters in Educational and Instructional Settings) section, with a Regional Representative in every area of the state. This Regional Representative is there for you! If you have questions about the upcoming licensure, want to find out about professional development opportunities in your area, are searching for support, or have questions related to the field of educational interpreting, you may contact your Regional Representative who will be happy to provide you with the information you need. To find out who your Regional Representative is, please email your name and your county to Jodi Upton, the Northwest Regional Representative, at jupton.hms@... and she will have the representative in your region contact you. Please also visit the GaRID website, where you will find bios for all of your Representatives in the most recent newsletter, at www.garid.org.

      Jodi Upton, BS, Ed:K-12
      EIPA LTA, NW Regional Rep for GaRID IEIS
      Sign Language Interpreter

      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Interpreter Survey

      The Center for Outreach Services at the Ohio School for the Deaf and Outreach Services at the American School for the Deaf are conducting a survey about interpreting practices with preschool children (ages 3-5 years) who are deaf/hard of hearing.

      With many preschool deaf/hard of hearing children receiving educational services in public school settings, we see this as an issue in need of attention and exploration. At this time, there is no research-based guidance available on this topic. By collecting basic information about who is providing interpreting services for preschool children and the unique issues in working with this population, our purpose is to identify what supports may be needed for those providing interpreting services and strategies to improve educational outcomes for preschool children who have interpreters.

      This survey is for individuals who are currently providing interpreting services for a child who is in preschool or who have done so within the past 3 years. Please feel free to forward this message to colleagues who would be interested in responding to this survey.

      The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Please respond by May 24th. Information gathered from this survey will be kept confidential.

      We would like to thank ChongMin Lee from the Center for Education Research Partnerships/ National Technical Institute for the Deaf and Patty Sapere at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf for their support on this project.

      Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/interpretersforpreschoolers to complete the survey.

      Thank you, Carrie Davenport and Carol Peltier

      Carrie Davenport, Ed.S., Early Childhood Outreach Consultant
      Center for Outreach Services - Ohio School for the Deaf

      Carol Peltier, M.Ed., Director of Outreach Audiology and Birth to Three
      Outreach Services – American School for the Deaf

      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Part-Time Contract Work for Teachers of the Deaf

      Part-Time Teacher of Deaf/Hard of Hearing (Special Education) - GEORGIA
      The Ellis School, Atlanta, GA

      Job Description/Duties:

      Part-Time/Contractor position to provide consultation and training to staff, professionals and parents working with deaf/hard of hearing & deafblind students focusing on Auditory Development and Language acquisition/development. Teacher must be comfortable using multiple communication modalities, including American Sign Language, tactile sign language, tactile learning techniques, assistive & augmentative communication/technology, etc., to meet the needs of students who are deaf/hard of hearing, deafblind and/or multi-disabled learners in a small private school setting at an Elementary School level (PreK-5th grade). The candidate must have a strong ability to think creatively and problem-solve. They should also be able to work collaboratively in a large team of professionals (local and national level experts, therapists & specialized instructors) and have a high comfort level with technology based teaching & communication aids. This teacher would also work very closely with a highly trained aide/Intervener assigned to individual student(s). Responsibilities include communicating language related assessment results, discuss/demonstrate recommended strategies and conduct scheduled progress monitoring of students who are deaf/hard of hearing, deafblind and/or multi-disabled learners. Other responsibilities include developing appropriate instructional materials and utilizing acceptable and innovative instructional techniques and practices in collaboration with the classroom teacher and other team professionals for students.

      Training Provided:

      Intensive and on-going in-service training will be provided by local and national level experts in the areas of deafblindness, communication strategies, cortical vision impairment, assistive technology and orientation & mobility. Collaborative working sessions will occur regularly and frequently to share information and cross-train all staff, therapists, teachers and specialized instructors.

      Minimum Qualifications:

      Completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Must possess or be eligible to obtain Georgia Professional Standards Commission Certification in at least one of the following the areas: Deaf Education, Interrelated Special Education, or Learning Disabilities. Candidates selected for employment must meet the
      "Highly Qualified" provision of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Sign language proficiency at the "Intermediate Level" as measured by Sign Communication Proficiency Instrument.

      Note: Must submit required certification documentation with resume and cover letter.

      Preferred Qualifications:

      Preference will be given to applicants who, in addition to meeting the minimum qualification, possess one or more of the following:
      a. Three or more years of experience in working with students who are deafblind.
      b. Three or more year of experience using tactile sign language, hand-under-hand, and other deafblind techniques.
      c. Elementary level experience.
      d. Sign language proficiency at the "Advanced Level" as measured by Sign Communication Proficiency Instrument.

      Position Details:

      This is a Part-Time/Contractor position (will not be an employee of the school), and will be paid on an hourly basis as invoiced by the individual/Contractor (net 45 days). Position will require approximately 10-15 hours per month, with most services to be delivered during school hours (8am to 2:30pm daily). Hourly rate will be negotiated and based upon years of experience and certification (starting at $50/hr and not to exceed $95/hr), for both direct and consultative level services.

      Health insurance, dental/vision, and retirement/401K benefits are not available for this position.


      The Ellis School
      P.O. Box 6015
      Atlanta, GA 31107
      Voice – 404.276.1170
      Fax – 678.254.1797

      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Literocity: Building Literacy for Young Children with Hearing Loss
      Literocity represents a dynamic, new generation of professional learning that combines prerequisite study, high energy onsite activities, direct work with children and virtual follow-up. Teachers, speech-language pathologists and early interventionists will experience a vigorous onsite agenda to address issues related to the development of reading and writing for young children with hearing loss ages two to six who communicate using listening and spoken language.

      Literocity will stimulate your thinking about the "why" and "how" of literacy development and integrate this thinking into real-life interactions with children and their families. Enrollment will be limited to 10 participants to ensure your active engagement in learning. Adult learning principles are honored in Literocity… be prepared to have a life-altering professional experience!
      Registration fee and tuition costs are covered by a training grant. Participants are responsible for textbooks, travel and lodging. Please consider joining us!

      June 17-21, 2013
      Bullard Elementary School
      Cobb County Public Schools
      3656 Old Stilesboro Rd. Kennesaw, GA (greater Atlanta metro area)
      Daily Schedule 8:00-4:30pm

      Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants (PPCI) faculty members, Ellen L. Estes, M.S., LSLS Cert. AVEd and Carrell Hughes, M.A., CCC-SLP, are course facilitators for Literocity. They bring many years of experience in public and private school settings to the development of this exciting professional learning experience.

      For more information about Literocity, go to www.chop.edu and search Literocity, email us at ppci.information@... or call 267-426-5084

      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

      Summer Fun Week at AASD

      AASD is excited to be having its 3rd Annual Summer Fun Week!!!
      June 24-28, 2013 8:30-2:30 p.m.
      Assorted hands on activities, with teams and prizes, inspired by the events at the Science Olympiad for any Deaf/Hard of Hearing rising 6th-12th grader! Give your students the chance to socialize, learn, and extend their learning into the summer!! Great opportunity for exposure to ASL!

      $125 for the week with lunch included for non AASD students!

      Check out some highlights of the fun last year: http://youtu.be/zrbuZQK8UhU

      Contact Stacey Shapiro at sshapiro@... OR Greg Owen at gregowen@...

      Frank Nesbit, Ed.D., Ed: K-12
      Formal Complaints Coordinator, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Consultant
      Special Education Services
      Georgia Department of Education
      1870 Twin Towers East
      Atlanta, Georgia 30334
      404-844-8741 V
      770-344-4457 FAX
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