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Church service with interpreter!

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    BLUE Epeachy News Sent by SSIMINSKI@AOL.COM *********************************************************** Church services with interpreters! Are you looking for
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      BLUE Epeachy News

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      Church services with interpreters!

      Are you looking for a church that have interpreters in the worship services? Central Congregational United Church of Christ will have an interpreter, Kim Smith, set up for the 11 am service on this coming Sunday, Feb.24th.

      CCUCC welcomes everyone from all walks of life....it's open to everybody! You should come and visit Central. It's a great place to worship and to meet new friends. With the availability of interpreters in the 11:00 am services, you will understand everything!

      Check out CCUCC's website listed below:

      Central Congregatioal United Church of Christ
      2676 Clairmont Road, NE
      Atlanta, Georgia 30329

      If you have any quesiton, please email Steve Siminski at ssiminski@.... The church is easy to find...it's located near the intersection of Interstate 85 & Clairmont Road (exit # 91). Only one block past Briarcliff Road.

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