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PC/Mac Support for Home or Office in Metro Atlanta

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    BLUE Epeachy News Sent by Brown, Danny To Lady & Gentlemen, Is Your Computer: Crashing Frequently? Not Running Programs Correctly?
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2011
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      BLUE Epeachy News

      Sent by "Brown, Danny" <jdbrown@...>

      To Lady & Gentlemen,

      Is Your Computer:

      Crashing Frequently? Not Running Programs Correctly? Running Slowly? Won't Start-up? Is the Internet frustrating you? Are pop-ups and viruses runing your computing experience? Is your web surfing being tracked by marketing companies? Are hackers and spies getting to your sensitive information? Are you using your computer to its fullest?

      No need to buy a new PC/Mac. With over 15 years of certified computer experience, the support can diagnose and solve any problem... and keep it from coming back. Save the cost!

      JDB's IT Service Website:
      Epeachy News Webpage for PC/Mac Support:
      Convenient personal training is also available at home or office.

      Let the PC/Mac Support help you set up new computers and network installations!

      Email: jdbrown@...
      ZVRS/Z4: 404-889-8865
      Text: 404-384-3437

      Included with the service is FREE anti-virus, spyware detection and firewall software. Specializing in the exclusive JDB's IT Service, the PC/Mac Support is a reliable and supportive service always available on short notice, and a few miles away from your home or office. The PC/Mac Support is not just a one-time provider of fix-it visits. Established customers are provided Videophone support Mondays thru Fridays 9am-5pm (No service on holidays), at no cost for Estimates. No PC/Mac Fix Policy.

      Your PC/Mac Support,
      John D. Brown, MBA
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