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328Fw: [lowongan] Finance dan Administrasi

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  • ari yuniarto
    Feb 16, 2011
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      Finance dan Administrasi From: sihar denova harianja



      Finance dan Administrasi

      Posted by: "sihar denova harianja" sihar_hrj99@...   sihar_hrj99

      Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:07 pm (PST)


      Dibutuhkan Finance dan Administrasi
      Kualifikasi :

      - Pria
      - Memiliki kendaran bermotor
      - Usia max.28 Thn

      - Pendidikan min.D3/S1 AKUNTANSI

      - Menguasai Pajak, memiliki Brevet A-B (1) adalah nilai plus

      - Pengalaman Min. 1 Thn
      - Menguasai System Accounting Ex : Accurate (1,2)

      - Mahir menggunakan MS OFFICE (1,2)
      - Siap bekerja dalam waktu cepat
       Lamaran ditunggu paling lambat 1 Minggu ke alamat email:

      recruitment@ delanitconsultin g.com
      atau ke alamat:Jl. Sungai Gerong No. 15 Jakarta Pusat

      Ph: 021-3913775, 31902850
       Delanit Consulting is an Indonesian company specializing in the area of
      human potential, was established in 2000. Our Approach and concepts are
      based an extensive expertise from Indonesia personnel to assist your
      company in finding simple solutions and develop of human potential.

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