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Have you given up on weight loss for 2002?!

Hi........hope you are doing well and having a great 2002! E'OLA has recently introduced new products......both reformulated weight loss drops (more effective
Jan 22, 2002

Happy New Year - 2002!

Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you and yours. Just thought I'd share that E'OLA now offers a great alternative for a weight loss aid-the drops that I
Jan 8, 2002

Fall is here-time to start that weight loss before holiday parties

Fall is here-hard to believe, huh?! I had a busy summer. I hope your summer was nice and all is well with you and yours. Now is the time to get back on track
Sep 5, 2001

New Fat and New Sugar Block!

BLOCK FAT AND SUGAR IN ONE, EASY STEP! -Block Fat with Every Meal -Block the Absorption of Sugar -Stop Counting Calories and Eliminating Your Favorite Foods
Sep 5, 2001

Article on water-we better all start drinking more! Happy Spring!

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE BUT WE'RE NOT DRINKING IT 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (This likely applies to half of the world population.) In 37% of
May 10, 2001

Happy Easter!

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, healthy and joyous Easter! Patti
Apr 12, 2001

How about a spa party?

Looking to hold a bachlorette party this spring and/or summer? Have I got a fun one for you-how about a spa party? As an Ind. BeautiControl Consultant I give
Apr 6, 2001

Need to lose 10 pounds for weddings, graduations or vacations?

LOSE 10 POUNDS…FAST WITH THE META-ZYQUE ACCELERATED WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM! If you're looking to shape up and lose 10 pounds fast, engage the power of four
Apr 6, 2001

Do you (or anyone you love) suffer from Arthritis, backache, carpel

T H E N A T U R E & S C I E N C E O F L I F E Do you suffer debilitating pain from arthritis, backache, carpal tunnel
Apr 6, 2001

What's hot for Spring!

I am also a BeautiControl Ind. Image Consultant and Jinger Health with BeautiControl has announced what is hot in fashion this spring so read on... This
Mar 14, 2001

Exciting info on how to block starch calaries you eat!

Check out the E'OLA interactive webpage on the newly improved Starch Block product - it's been updated and you can now block over 600 starch calories with one
Mar 14, 2001

Block 675 starch calories per new starch block tablet!

NEW STARCH BLOCK IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! MORE BLOCKING POWER than ever before! And at the same incredible low price! New Starch Block can block up to an amazing
Mar 6, 2001

Weight loss and dieting tips and E'OLA-summer is almost here!

Spring is almost here and therefore so is summer! We know what summer means: bathing suits, skirts, shorts, being seen! Ha.....ha. No better time than now to
Feb 28, 2001

Lose 10 pounds fast-spring is almost here!

LOSE 10 POUNDS…FAST! If you're looking to shape up and lose 10 pounds fast, engage the power of four advanced Meta-Zyque products: Amp II, Liqua Thin, Starch
Feb 15, 2001

Ephedra is safe-check out- http://www.ephedrafacts.com/qa.htm#SAFE

IS EPHEDRA SAFE? Any product, including products that the American public accepts as safe such as aspirin and even strawberries and peanuts, can be dangerous.
Patti Haney
Jan 23, 2001
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