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  • jreakes
    I am passing on this for your info. This is from a BRITISH FIRM so contacts are UK not Australia. I no longer sell FTM due to the hassles of distribution and
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      I am passing on this for your info. This is from a BRITISH FIRM so
      contacts are UK not Australia.
      I no longer sell FTM due to the hassles of distribution and not
      because of the product. It looks good, but I wonder if the
      Christening field will ever be a feature on the front page. Thats my
      one and only criticism.
      Anyway, here tiz: (and dont write to me about it please - I have only
      read this)
      S&N News for Family Tree Maker Users

      Thank you for being patient but we only contact users when there is
      something new or important you should know about. The new forthcoming
      launch of version 9 is certainly that! plus here's a bit of background
      information on the latest change of ownership of Banner Blue.

      The development of Family Tree Maker continues even though the product
      has moved many times the same Banner Blue team continue to move the
      program forward. They have been owned by Broderbund then Mattel then
      Genealogy.Com and finally in February 2001, A&E Television Networks
      (AETN) acquired Genealogy.com, LLC. AETN is well known for its diverse
      historical and biographical television channels on Sky. By adding
      family history to the list it enables Genealogy.com extra leverage
      because of the company's most recognized brands-A&E(r), Biography(r),
      and The History Channel(r). This ensures a secure future for the
      development of the product.

      Family Tree Maker Version 9 - Release due end of September
      · Why Buy Version 9.0?
      Family Tree Maker continues to make organizing and preserving
      important family information and heirloom-quality printouts even
      easier with new and enhanced features. Version 9.0 includes all the
      features and upgrades from all the previous versions that made it a
      #1-selling genealogy program plus all the new 9.0 features. As
      requested by loyal Family Tree Maker users, Version 9.0 now allows you
      to easily make edits to individual facts from tree and report views
      using the new Individual Facts Card. To better document your sources,
      you can now directly attach source images to the master image and
      source citations to ensure you have the correct information about your
      ancestors. Showcase your heritage by displaying siblings in Ancestor
      and Hourglass trees, conveniently store email address for your living
      relatives and easily reference previously viewed Family Files with
      File History. All these great features are new to Family Tree Maker
      version 9.0.

      For beginners and experts alike, Family Tree Maker is the easiest and
      most complete resource for building your family tree. Let Family Tree
      Maker guide you step-by-step as you preserve important family
      information, locate your ancestors, and create unique family trees to
      display your legacy. #1-selling and top-rated for over a decade, more
      people trust their family history to Family Tree Maker than any other
      family tree software. It sets the standard for quality, value, and
      ease of use.


      · Individual Facts Card
      Preserving your family's information is now easier than ever. The
      existing Family Page makes it easy to enter information about your
      family. Once you have entered information into the Family Page, the
      new Individual Facts Card allows you to easily display and edit the
      facts for a specific individual while you are in your current tree or
      report view. It also allows you to quickly enter or edit any
      information you want to record about an individual. Multiple tabs
      (Facts, Marriage, Address, Medical, Lineage, and Notes) correspond to
      each of the More About pages. But rather than navigating separately to
      each page, the Individual Facts Card allows you to edit any of them
      from one simple, easy-to-use dialog box. Just double-click (or
      single-click, depending on the view) on the individual and Family Tree
      Maker will automatically open the Individual Facts Card for the

      In addition to making it easy to enter facts about a specific
      individual, the Individual Facts Card also makes it easier to navigate
      through your family tree. Switch to the individual's parents,
      children, spouse or sibling just by clicking on the drop-down menu.
      Or, add new individuals. Once you have completed using the Individual
      Facts Card, Family Tree Maker will automatically redraw the tree or
      reformat the report to include the new individual.

      · Attach Images to Sources
      One of the most important tenets in genealogy is the accurate and
      thorough documentation of source information. Now you can add images -
      from a file, Scrapbook, scanner/camera, or Photo CD - to your source
      information. This is helpful because you can easily locate and return
      to the original source if you need to, plus, you have a record of
      which sources you've already checked.

      Easily track your source images - when you print the Documented
      Events, Bibliography or create a customer report that lists sources,
      you can immediately tell if there is an attached source image in your
      file. The source will list "Image(s) Available" next to the source.

      Print the source image to store in an album or scrapbook. When you
      print the source image, Family Tree Maker will automatically print the
      source title next to it.

      · Add Siblings to Ancestor Trees
      Now you have even more options for creating heirloom-quality
      printouts. In addition to the wide selection of trees available in
      Family Tree Maker, you can now show the complete heritage of a family
      member by also including siblings of direct ancestors in all the
      Ancestor Trees. Easily see relations to aunts and uncles. Produce a
      compact, manageable tree that still provides a great amount of
      information. Once included, siblings will appear in both standard and
      vertical Ancestor trees as well as in the ancestor portion of standard
      Hourglass trees.

      · Print photos from scrapbook

      Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to catalog and preserve precious
      memories of an individual. Now, you can also print images that you've
      preserved directly from the Scrapbook.

      · Email field
      Store the complete contact information of your family members. With
      the increased popularity of computers both at home and the workplace,
      e-mail addresses have become a common part of everyday life for many
      of us. Family Tree Maker now includes a field on the More About
      Address page that allows you to capture this information for
      individuals in your Family File.

      You can also print the email on all the reports where you can print
      address information: labels, cards, address report, custom reports.

      · File History
      For your convenience, Family Tree Maker now includes a list of the
      most recently viewed files at the bottom of the File Menu. Whether you
      are viewing a file sent by a relative, or browsing an entry in the
      World Family Tree, you'll find it easier than ever to move between
      multiple files as you compare potential additions to your own Family

      · ME Compliant
      Family Tree Maker version 9.0 is now Windows® ME Compliant

      · Improved Program Help
      To make it easier to answer your questions, we are continuing to
      enhance the Help features in Family Tree Maker. Search for information
      on specific features by simply entering a key word or phrase into the
      Index tab of the Help dialog box.

      · New Online Help Center
      The Genealogy.com Online Help Center is your best resource for answers
      to technical or customer service-related questions - 24 hours a day.
      Here you'll find easy-to-understand articles, tips, and step-by-step
      instructions to resolve virtually any Family Tree Maker issue. From
      the Internet menu in Family Tree Maker, select Technical Support, or
      point your browser to www.genealogy.com/help.

      Windows 95/98/ME
      Pentium 90 (166 Recommended)
      16 MB Ram (32MB Recommended)
      100 MB of free hard disk space
      2x CD-Rom
      640x480, 256 colors

      Printer Support: Works with most popular printers (monochrome and
      color) supported by windows.

      Optional: Modem** required for Internet functionality; Video Capture
      board and soundboard (for video and audio clips); Scanner (for
      digitizing graphic images); Digital camera.

      *System configuration: may require minor adjustments to the
      configuration of your operating system and/or updates to the hardware
      component drivers.
      **User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.

      As with all Windows programs, a faster processor, more RAM, and more
      free disk space will enhance performance.

      Note: only 50 MB of program files will be copied to your hard drive.

      Advance order your upgrade at £19.95 by ringing 01722 716121 or
      copying the following link to your browser.

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