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  • Janet Reakes
    saw this on a List and thought I d pass it on Hello everyone, in September last year I started to build a free web site dedicated to identifying military
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      saw this on a List and thought I'd pass it on
      Hello everyone,
      in September last year I started to build
      a free web site dedicated to identifying military photographs,
      in an attempt to repay some of the generous help that I have
      received from Genealogists generally and Rootsweb listers in
      This site was initially to be for the Counties of Leicestershire
      and Rutland, but (due to requests) is now open to anyone with
      a military interest in Great Britain and its war time allies.

      Many of us are lucky enough to own treasured photographs of
      groups or single portraits of military personnel of the W.W.1
      and W.W2 era and with luck, earlier "gems" of this sort.
      How many times have you and your family looked at these
      wonderful old photographs and wondered who your ancestors
      comrades were ?
      What Regiment etc. did they belong to? When and where the
      photograph was taken ?

      'Military Images' is set up to offer "on line" pages to display
      these photographs in the hope that other site visitors can help
      with identification etc.
      Perhaps you have in your possession photographs that you can
      scan that are a partial or complete mystery ? Perhaps (like me)
      you can identify your own relative/s within the group but none
      of his/her comrades?
      Perhaps some of these "unknown servicemen" are lost relatives
      or people that may have passed on information about your
      ancestors military career to their families.

      The web site now contains this type of material and other
      information and links etc.

      As of today (Fri. 11 Feb. 2000), the site holds photo/scans
      of some 1,586 UNIDENTIFIED INDIVIDUALS, plus many
      more that only the barest facts are known. There is also, a list
      of 812 transcribed names from War Memorials etc. (many of
      the memorials have been photographed and these scans are
      "on site").

      Please do bear in mind that in WW1 in particular, where a
      soldier was living at the time of his volunteering or conscription
      often had no bearing on which Regiment etc. he was posted to.
      (or if he was killed where he was buried). So a soldier who
      perhaps volunteered or was conscripted in Devon could be
      posted to a Yorkshire Regiment.

      I hope that you will take the time to have a look at the web site,
      who knows? you may find "one of your own" there.
      I hope also that some of you will consider sending in photographs
      that you would like to receive help with.

      Good luck and good hunting !

      >From Roger Capewell, in Derbyshire, England.
      'Military Images' Web Site at :-

      Researching CAPEWELL/CAPWELL anywhere, any time.
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