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  • Keenan, Melanie
    Hi everyone, I have been trying to locate the birth, death and marriage certificate of GEORGE ERNEST or ERNEST GEORGE CALDWELL. Very little information is
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      Hi everyone,

      I have been trying to locate the birth, death and marriage certificate of
      GEORGE ERNEST or ERNEST GEORGE CALDWELL. Very little information is known
      on him apart from the fact that he was married to EMILY MARIA YEATMAN, had
      one child with her, a son ROY YEATMAN CALDWELL born 2 May 1913. EMILY and
      ROY CALDWELL immigrated to Australia between 1920 and 1930 (arrival port
      appears to have been married before which produced 4 children MAY, MARGARET,
      KATHLEEN and DOUGLAS. According to the birth certificate of ROY YEATMAN
      CALDWELL, EMILY and GEORGE/ERNEST lived on Barry Island, Wales in 1913 but
      moved a month later to Cardiff, Wales (a statutory declaration is referred
      to on the birth certificate). One of the daughters from the first marriage,
      MARGARET CALDWELL, apparently immigrated to Australia when EMILY and ROY
      came out. EMILY's parents were ALBERT ERNEST YEATMAN and ALICE EMILY

      There are 3 different names given for ROY YEATMAN CALDWELL's father being:
      CALDWELL. This is proving to be the stumbling block - which name if any is
      correct? According to my grandfather, ROY YEATMAN CALDWELL KEENAN (Emily
      later remarried an Irishman by the name of HENRY JOHN KEENAN somewhere in
      Australia) my g.grandfather was a Welshman but I never found out where he
      was born or died.

      After locating the death certificate of my g.grandmother which said that she
      was married in London - a search of St Catherine's House records proved
      negative. (However the death certificate of her second husband just said
      England!) Can anyone suggest where to begin looking. Is it possible that
      EMILY and GEORGE/ERNEST married sometime after my grandfather was born? Any
      suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Melanie Keenan
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