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  • Huishke@aol.com
    Never saw this go through on the yahoo address, so here it is. ... Firstmom s Genealogy Resources & Records
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2001
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      Never saw this go through on the yahoo address, so here it is.
      >>Great resources I have found and think you will enjoy:

      <A HREF="http://khuish.tripod.com/">Firstmom's Genealogy Resources &
      Main page of the site, has some unique links and site map (tables).

      <A HREF="http://khuish.tripod.com/england.htm">Firstmom's Genealogy
      If you're just looking for resources for this country, though there is a site
      map at the bottom of all the pages to lurk around more.

      <A HREF="http://khuish.tripod.com/ships.htm">Firstmom's Genealogy Resources
      -Ship Lists</A>
      Looking for ship passenger lists? I've got 30'some on there that I typed up,
      plus links to thousands more, plus info on the Germans to America Series of
      books (not for sale by me, but where you might find them at libraries and

      <A HREF="http://khuish.tripod.com/nonusa.htm">Firstmom's Genealogy Resources
      This page has countries categorized, though ones with a lot of links have
      their own pages and you will find links for them on this page. Here you'll
      find things such as links to records in other countries, or how to find those


      WorldWide Top Genealogy Sites</A>
      This one is a great resource for finding more excellent sites. If you havent
      been there in a while, come see all the new sites they've added. They're
      almost up to 1000 links, each with a description.

      <A HREF="http://khuish.tripod.com/military.htm">Firstmom's Genealogy
      Resources- Military</A>
      This one is dedicated to all of our military ancestors. There are links to
      various sites for many wars, including links to rosters. Plus for civil war
      there are links for most states categorized by state.

      Hope you enjoy these :)
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