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  • Beryl Whatson
    Hi Anne, Firstly let me tell you that PITTARD is a Swiss name. The RED CROSS was started by Jean Pittard, a surgeon in Geneva in the 1600s. I have a print of
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      Hi Anne,

      Firstly let me tell you that PITTARD is a Swiss name. The RED CROSS was
      started by Jean Pittard, a surgeon in Geneva in the 1600s. I have a print of
      him, an etching no doubt, which I can send if you are interested.

      Some years ago, I contacted several Swiss Pittards, who sent lots of
      information to me. The general history is that in the 1500 and 1600s there
      was some kind of religious persecution, and the Pittards/Pitards were mainly
      Protestant/Lutheran and a lot had migrated to France. At this period in
      time, France was Catholic and to be Protestant was life threatening, so a
      lot went to England or back to Switzerland or became Catholic. My lot were
      always Swiss, until gr-grandfather went to London and married Mary Ann Lewis
      in London in 1852, then brought my grandfather, brothers and sisters to
      Australia in 1877.

      The Pittards in Somerset and other parts of Britain are all descendd from
      the French and originally Swiss Pittards. The name means, "Keepers at the
      gates of the Castle" and it was a very "honerable "name in Geneva. We have a
      Pittard Street in Geneva, and there have been scientists, lawyers, engineers
      within the the Pittard clan, amongst other illustrious professions!

      It is most unlikely that you will ever make the connection back to
      Switzerland, because the French records may have been lost during the 2
      World Wars. I am fortunate that my family stayed in Geneva and the records
      have been safe over the centuries. These are just a few facts that were
      passed on to me by the various Swiss and French Pittards, I hope that you
      find them interesting.

      Beryl Whatson nee Pittard
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      Subject: Re: [englishresearch] Surname ROWNEY

      > Dear Ray, I have William John Roney married my two greats Auntie Gertrude
      > Alice Pittard in the 1920s.I do not have my papers with me today. I got
      > DOB from the fische BDMs but cannot find them now. Cheers for now. Anne
      > beautiful, sunny Cairns. My sister was very jealous when I talked to her
      > other night. They are in Melbourne and it was raining, again!!
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      > > Anyone researching the name William ROWNEY Walgrave-on-sowe UK
      > >about 1820's please contact.
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      > >Or any other ROWNEY.
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      > >Many thanks Ray.
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      > >Ray & Betty Rowney
      > >2 Racecourse Rd.
      > >ORANGE.2800.N.S.W.
      > >Australia.
      > >ph.02 63622442
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