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Re: Still searching! Huish Hyde Orpin Patton

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  • Linda Ferguson
    Hi, The Hyde may have come in through the marriage - you show that your original Samuel marriage and Ann ? it may be that Ann s name was Hyde. I found this in
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 28, 2000
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      The Hyde may have come in through the marriage - you show that your
      original Samuel marriage and Ann ? it may be that Ann's name was
      Hyde. I found this in my family where the family name was Higgins but
      half of the children were given Wilmore as their middle names (yes,
      boys and girls). I have also found the same thing in my husbands
      Scottish line.
      --- In englishresearch@egroups.com, Huishke@a... wrote:
      > Still searching for anyone related to the Huish family of the
      London area,
      > circa 1800-1860. Especially if you find an occurance of Hyde as the
      > name! We still don't know how it started!
      > 1. Samuel HUISH b. abt 1775 Somewhere in England most likely
      > + Ann Unknown
      > 2. Ann HUISH Chrst Sept 1, 1799 Westbury on Trym
      > 2. William Huish chrst Oct 23 1803 Bristol
      > 2. Samuel Huish chrst Dec 3, 1809 Bristol
      > 2. John Hyde Huish b. March 1802 Bristol England
      > + Frances Maria ORPIN
      > 3. Ann Hyde Huish abt April 1835(even girls got the middle name
      in some
      > generations) London
      > 3. John Hyde Huish b. abt Jan 1837 London
      > 3. Jane Ann Huish b. Oct 2, 1843 (don't know why she didnt get
      > 3. George Hyde Huish b. July 8, 1839 St Pancras, London. Served
      > American Civil War, died April 10, 1896 Pittsburgh PA.
      > +Elizabeth PATTON b. 1847 Butler Co. PA (M. Nov 12, 1863 in
      > All of George's children born in Allegheny Co PA, including William
      > Huish my great-grandfather through his son Eugene.
      > Any information on this direct family is greatly
      appreciated....also any info
      > on a connection between the Huish name and a possible Hyde family
      of that
      > place and time period. Family rumor has us connected to Hyde Park
      of London
      > somehow....but no one really knows how so I can't say.
      > For the full family index with related families see:
      > http://members.tripod.com/~KHuish/gedcom/names1.htm
      > <A
      > Page</A> click if you can
      > Kathy Huish
      > <A HREF="http://members.tripod.com/~KHuish/">Firstmoms Genealogy
      > Resources</A>
      > as seen on
      > <A
      > HREF="http://www.worldwide-top100.net/tops5/rankem.cgi?
      > Top 770+ Genealogy Sites!</A>
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