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Fw: If only it WAS that easy!!!!!!

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  • jreakes
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2000
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      > Dear All
      > Welcome to my super-fast instant ancestry programme! I am proud to
      > announce
      > the launch of an exciting new service for wannabe family historians
      > find research the old-fashioned way rather boring.
      > You, too, can have a family tree back to Adam and Eve ENTIRELY from
      > Internet!!!
      > Here is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be repeated
      > SEND me 10,000 dollars, your date of birth, your chest and inside
      > measurements, the location of the pub where your granny met your
      > and the name of that milkman with the hairy nose that your Auntie
      > had the wild affair with - and I guarantee I will have your family
      > at
      > least back to Nebuchadnezzar the Daft of Outer Mongolia before you
      > say
      > "IGI" !!!
      > NO more listening to boring old farts droning on how about how you
      > to read a book on family history. Books - outdated, who needs 'em?
      > NO more need to visit dreary old Record Offices or waste your
      > time
      > looking at boring bits of paper covered in squiggly writing that
      > can't understand anyway.
      > NO more need to listen to self-appointed, so-called experts who try
      > tell
      > you they can help you just because they've been in genealogy since
      > 1897 and who will try and persuade you to join a family history
      > where you will meet hordes of equally boring people who also think
      > know it all.
      > I absolutely guarantee you a family tree you can be proud of, that
      > show your descent from such famous historical figures as Mary Queen
      > Scots, Oliver Cromwell, Sir Francis Drake, William the Conqueror,
      > Charlemagne, the Norse god Woden, Charles II's head coachman's
      > illegitimate
      > son, a 4th cousin twice removed of Henry VIII, Cyril the Incontinent
      > of Babylon, Frederick the Flatulent of the Austro-Hungarian Empire,
      > Baron
      > Frankenstein, Joan Collins and the Man in the Off-Licence Round the
      > Corner.
      > How do I do it? Simple - I log onto the Internet, spend half an hour
      > so, trawling the world wide web and - Bingo! - there is your Instant
      > Family Tree! Here's how it works...
      > First, I find the marriage of your great-granny on the IGI, then I
      > find someone of the same name who was born in a parish 100 miles
      > from
      > where she was married, so that's bound to be her, isn't it?
      > Then I ring up this mate of mine who specialises in doing look-ups
      > the
      > 1861 census in places like London, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol,
      > and Glasgow.
      > He sticks a pin in anywhere on the census and gives me a couple more
      > names to work with. I reckon they have as much chance as being your
      > gt-gt-grandparents as anyone else, so it's back to the Net. I feed
      > names into umpteen databases and websites until I come up with
      > of the same name who claims to be descended from Edward III. Ah,
      > this looks as good a bet as any.
      > Nobody is going to notice if I casually slip your gt-gt-grandad and
      > granny into
      > a GEDCOM that shows they were also descended from Alfred the Great
      > the monk who did the slopping-out at Whitby Abbey, are they?
      > So there you have it - a wonderful, Instant Family Tree, and all
      > the Internet.
      > And what I don't find I simply MAKE UP!!!
      > What could be easier?
      > Apply now for the bargain of all time and discover how to make
      > genealogy really work for you!
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