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Re: [englishresearch] How do I?

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  • J.Edward Maddox
    Trudi Pratt, I live in Ashland, KY., USA. I am James Edward Maddox. I have family from England in the late 1700 s. Names--Maddox, Maddix , Maddock, Mattox,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2000
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      Trudi Pratt, I live in Ashland, KY., USA. I am James Edward Maddox.
      I have family from England in the late 1700's. Names--Maddox, Maddix
      , Maddock, Mattox, etc as well as Pratt on one side of family. Have
      never been able to confirm their origins in England. Have you any
      clues to get me started again. I'm at a dead end. TIA, Ed in KY.
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      > Hi. This is my first message to this list so please forgive me
      > if my format is off.
      > My problem is that with the help of the LDS I have taken one
      > branch of my family in Devon back three generations from
      > where I have documented proof. What I need to do now is
      > prove these new links. My guess is I will have to buy some
      > certificates. The problem is everywhere I have looked about
      > purchasing certificates wants the GRO reference number.
      > How do I get that when I live in a small country town in Australia?
      > Can anyone tell me? Also can anyone recommend the best
      > way to acquire these certificates. I am not very flush with funds
      > so I want to make my purchases count.
      > Thanks
      > Trudi
      > My main names in England are:- ADSETT, ANSELL, BEACROFT,
      > BODY,
      > MADDOCK,
      > MASKEY,
      > MASTERS,
      > THORNTON,
      > WOODROW,
      > _______________________________________-******
      > Obtaining the reference numbers are half the battle and cost. You
      can get cheap certs by email Peter Smith with your reference numbers
      and he charges $26 Aussie. He invoices you so dont send money as you
      send to an Aussie address of a friend of his.
      > He is so quick!!
      > We have the St Caths indexes up here in Hervey Bay, and some of the
      larger LDS libraries have them too, They are not easy to search and
      each year is 4 fiche as they represent the 4 quarters. A five year
      search = 20 fiche!!
      > The Hervey Bay Family History Group do a look up service.
      > email bevclose@...
      > Peters details are
      > Peter D. Smith
      > 38 Leasway
      > WICKFORD
      > Essex SS12 OHE
      > ENGLAND
      > Email: genfind730@...
      > Tel.: (44) 01268 732791
      > Fax: (44) 01268 476537
      > I also have a book called CERTIFICATES AND CENSUS which will help
      you. Visit my web site and click on link to `MY BOOKS'
      > Bye
      > GOOD LUCK
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