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Angel of Oz, Genealogy queries

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  • Carol Rogers
    http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/5413/genealo.htm This is my first post to this group. The above url is my home pages with info. Family tree Maker has
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      This is my first post to this group. The above url is
      my home pages with info. Family tree Maker has my
      complete Family Tree online to browse thru,


      My parents Leo Clive Clarke & Margaret McIntosh
      Johnston married April 1945.

      Mums parents Charles Sykes McIntosh Johnston and Ida
      Clare Smythe married around 1923 in Kogarah, children
      Margaret, David, Charles, Anne. I have lots of info on
      their children and their children to 1999.

      Dad's parents Leo Hopetoun Clarke & Evelyn Maud Riley.

      Leo Hopetoun Clarke's parents were Janette Ahrenfeld
      and William Damien Clarke. Their other children were:

      Alfred Roadknight born 1886 who married Agnes
      Harrison. They came to Sydney and raised my father.

      Muriel or Myrtle 1892 born died 1940. Married

      Leo Hopetoun 1898 born died 1927 in Concord Hospital.

      Jack, married Zillah Bennett Judith only child. Judy
      died shortly before her mother. Jack died a few years

      Merle, married Paul Falk.

      Noela Dawn , married Hal Parker-Evans.

      Leo Clive, married my Mother Margaret McIntosh
      Johnston 1945, children Carol & Stephen.

      Leo Hopetoun Clarke parents were, William Damien

      William Damian Clarke's parents were William Clarke
      and Christine's parents were Norman Mackinnon and
      Christina McDonald.

      Edward J Ahrenfeld and wife Christine Mackinnon.

      Janet's parents came with Catherine Anne who was born
      in London and married Peter John Reardon 1879.
      Christine Mackinnon's parents were Norman MacKinnon
      and Christina McDonald. They arrived with Catherine
      Anne who was under 12 months old on Grand Trianon to
      Melbourne arriving in 22 May 1857 after leaving South
      Hampton on 6 February 1857. They were from Lancashire
      and he was a Carter.

      Children born here: Ahrenfeld line...

      Edward Norman born 1858 & died 1859 @ 11 weeks old.

      John Edward 1859. Died in 1860 @ 10days, in
      Collingwood Victoria.

      Lucy Elizabeth, born1860, died 1882 @ 21years old.
      Married Isaac Lazarus in 1876

      Janet Ethel Josephine , born in Fitzroy in 1862, died
      in Waverly in Sydney, buried in Rookwood 5th August

      Annie, born St Kilda 1863, died 1863. 4 days old.

      Jacob Alfred born 1865 twin with died 1884 @ 19 in

      John Edward Fufton born 1865 in Melbourne, married
      Sarah Florence Perguia 1884. Died 1912, however she
      married 2nd time to William McSkimming in 1903.

      Annie 2 born 1867 in Redfern Sydney. Married Alfred
      Woodman 1889 Sydney.

      Wilhelmina 1870 in Redfern. Married Arthur Edward
      Jostlear Melbourne

      Norman Mackinnon born 1872 Emerald Hill, married
      Laura Kelly 1890.

      I live in Sydney Australia and I have bought the
      version 7.5 and I have just started to do all the hard
      These are some of the names in Family tree. Ahrenfeld,
      Bayliss, Clarke, Cook, Craft, Currie, Curry, Doyle,
      Galea, Grant, Gray, Grey, Johnston, Lawler, McCarthur,
      McIntosh, McKinnon/Mackinnon, McDonald, Roadknight,
      Rule, Said, Shaw, Shearer, Smith/Smythe, Staniforth,
      Sykes, Watson.

      I need to know about the Ahrenfeld/ McKinnon line
      coming into Australia in 1857 from Lancashire. William
      Damien Clarke married Janette Ahrenfeld in Melbourne
      around 1885 and these were my father's Grandparents.
      Janette was born in 1862 in Melbourne and died in
      Waverly Sydney in 1936, & cremated in Rookwood. My
      father's Dad Leo Hopetoun Clarke died in 1927 and is
      also buried at Rookwood. My dad Leo Clive Clarke born
      in 1923 and died in 1975 and was Cremated in Rookwood.

      I am looking for Colin McIntosh the son of Colin
      McIntosh & Ann Grey who were married in Knockbain
      Scotland in 1819. Their son named Colin also was born
      on 21 June 1828. We know he came to Australia and went
      to Utah in ? and we have lost him there.

      My mother's parents were Charles Sykes McIntosh
      Johnston born in NSW 1897, died 1977 and Ida Clare
      Smythe in NSW 1900, died 1978 and my mother is still
      living, Margaret McIntosh Clarke was born in 1924 in

      My husband's Mum nee Kathleen Mary Watson was born in
      Stockport in 1928 and is still very much alive.
      David's Dad Joseph Said was born in 1921 in Malta to
      Michael Said and Mary nee Galea. Joe died in November
      1998. Can anyone help with Maltese families in Malta?
      to access records? Said and Galea families from around
      1890's 1900 born in Malta.

      I am looking for Benjamin Watson who is the father of
      Kathleen Watson who was born in Stockport in 19 August
      1928. Kathleen's mother was Catherine Doyle, who was
      probably from Ireland.

      Still working on this project. Feel free to contact me
      a with any of my lost realtives, or if I can give you
      any assistance.

      Keep smiling Carol,

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