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Fw: Amazing historical sites, worth checking.

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  • Alice Norton
    Thought that you all my like to have a look at these sites Have a nice day and take care Alice in Toowoomba,Queensland,Australia ICQ # 4756921 Looking for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2000
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      Thought that you all my like to have a look at these sites
      Have a nice day and take care

      Alice in Toowoomba,Queensland,Australia

      ICQ # 4756921
      Looking for
      FLOAT/E in Kent to South Australia,SMITH in South Australia,
      ROBINSON in Manchester to Australia,VICKERY in Australia
      WHITTENBURY in Manchester, WARBURTON in Victoria,Aust
      CHITTENDEN in Kent, BULLOCK in Victoria ,Aust
      MILLS in Kent to Australia, AUTY in Victoria,Aust
      NICHOLLS,SEARLE,WILLIAMS in Kenwyn,Cornwall to Australia
      NORTON in Northampton to South Australia,

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      From: Michelle Kahler <kahler@...>
      To: CORNISH-GEN-L@... <CORNISH-GEN-L@...>
      Date: Saturday, April 29, 2000 11:30 PM
      Subject: Amazing historical sites, worth checking.

      >Hi Folk,
      >A few people got back to me with some sites to check, thanks for
      that. Meanwhile I played around with my search engine and found
      the following sites, {mind you I have not looked through all
      2,500+ sites found with the words Historical time-line.}
      >I have checked these sites and, for those interested in learning
      more about the effects that events had on our ancestors, these
      sites are magnificent. I am sure you will all agree.
      >Yes, some of them relate to events outside of merry England and
      researchers may think that American, Sapanish or French history
      would not have had any effect on their British ancestors but who
      are we to know where their sympathies lay, whether there was
      family abroad in Spain or France at the time of the Spanish wars?
      So many emigrated to America or had business that depended on the
      East India Trading Company, were missionaries in China or the
      Pacific islands etc.
      >Even if there were no family in those countries, certain events
      were so shocking that they would certainly have been news-worthy
      and may have altered the plans of our impressionable family
      >Needless to say, you can pick which historical events you
      record, these are your ancestors and it is a historical record of
      your family that you are compiling. Go ahead, have a look and
      learn what was in the news when your great grandad was a young
      man a-courting or your grandmother was born.
      >World History Time-lines:
      >18th Century:
      >American History;American Rebellion;French Revolution;Industrial
      Changes;Military History;Seven Years War;Succession
      Wars;Asia;Europe;The Mediterranean;South America;The South
      Life;Fashion;Philosophy;Enlightenment;Economics;Politics;Law and
      Order;Documents;Pre 1700 Resources;Living History;Historic
      >19th Century:
      >Daily Life;Food;Leisure;Children;Clothing;Special
      Days;Women;Work;Industrial Revolt;;Technology;Irish
      Europe;British Isles;North Atlantic;Canada;Africa;Asia;Middle
      East;United States;City History (US);Napoleonic Wars;Wars and
      Treaties;1848 ;Revolutions;Boer War;War of 1812.
      >20th Century:
      http://history1900s.miningco.com/education/history1900s/ covers:
      >Airplane Invented;Anthony, Susan B.;Armenian Genocide;Chagall,
      Marc;Challenger Tragedy;Chernobyl;Cold War;Cuban-Missile;Early
      Flight Photo;Edison, Thomas;First Flight;Frank, Anne;Gandhi,
      Mohandas;Great Depression;Hitler, Adolf;Influenza
      Epidemic;Japanese-Am Intern;Malaria;Mandela, Nelson;Maps;Picasso,
      Pablo;Russian Revolution;Rwandan Genocide;S.F.
      Earthquake;Titanic;Vietnam War;World War I;World War II;Wright
      >Women's History:
      m covers:
      Church;Egypt/Kemet;Epic of Gilgamesh;Recreation;Greece;
      Stone;Schools;Science;Battles: Roman;Games.
      >As I mentioned before, if anyone has come across a site they
      think is worth checking, please email me as I am most interested
      in hearing of them.
      >Seeya Soonly,
      >Michelle KAHLER.
      >(Ipswich, QLD, Aust.)
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