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  • Huishke@aol.com
    Here are some sites of interest to genealogists. On each of the pages below you find numerous links (over 2100 just on the Firstmom s Genealogy Resources &
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      Here are some sites of interest to genealogists. On each of the pages below
      you find numerous links (over 2100 just on the Firstmom's Genealogy Resources
      & Records Website!) that will hopefully lead you to finding your ancestors.

      Firstmom's Ship Lists -25 ships I transcribed, links leading to thousands

      Firstmom's Military links for genealogy- includes War of 1812 all the way to
      Veitnam era. Categorized by wars, and also states in the Civil War. Also
      includes links and info on getting military records from the National

      Freebies for Genealogists- includes links forms/letters in various languages
      for sending requests for records overseas, and also forms to print free to
      keep track of your own genealogy data, graphics, clip-art, volunteer lookup
      sites, places to get free family homepages, Gedcom readers, just lots of neat

      US States -categories for each state, some with over 100 links have their own

      Non-Usa- this one is for all the other countries. Again, ones who have more
      than around 50-100 links have their own page (Germany, Ireland etc) and
      you'll find their link here.
      For England/Wales see:

      Ancestry.com and Kindred Konnections- Search both huge sites (Ancestry has
      over 2000 databases now) from this one little page:

      Ok this one isnt mine, but it has 587 rated links! Each with a
      description, so it is a good site to check out! For the Top UK sites, just go
      to the link below, click on top 100 Index, and then on UK.

      Firstmom's Genealogy Webring- It's a webring linking together sites of
      genealogical interest. This is another place you could add your site...all
      free, and we have some nice sites to browse there as well.
      Or if yours is a commercial genealogy site you might be better at:
      http://members.tripod.com/~KHuish/comgen.htm Commercial Genealogy Ring, it's
      free too.

      Ok...have fun with it and good luck searching!
      PS. Permission is granted to pass this link list on to whoever you think
      might find it useful in their search for ancestors.
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