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  • Janet Reakes
    check this site out for CD-ROMS http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Genealogy_Supplies/cddata.htm An explanation is taken from Eastmans Genealogy letter
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2000
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      check this site out for CD-ROMS

      An explanation is taken from Eastmans Genealogy letter

      Wiltshire (England) Parish Records on CD-ROM

      This week I had a chance to use a new genealogy CD-ROM disk:
      "Wiltshire Parish Records, Volume 1 - Salisbury." The records on
      this disk include:

      * St. Thomas 1570-1812
      * St. Edmund 1559-1837
      * Baverstock 1559-1812
      * Norton 1663-1812
      * Colerne 1560-1575 and 1640-1651/2

      The Wiltshire Parish Records disks are produced by S&N Genealogy
      Supplies in England. I was quite interested to use Volume 1 since
      the first American immigrant of my name came from Downton, a tiny
      village just outside of Salisbury.

      The "Wiltshire Parish Records, Volume 1 - Salisbury" CD-ROM was
      created with Adobe Acrobat, a great choice as far as I am
      concerned. All the required software for Windows 95, 98 and NT is
      included on the CD-ROM itself. Anyone using Macintosh or UNIX or
      other operating systems can probably use the same CD-ROM by first
      downloading the appropriate free software for the needed operating
      system from http://www.adobe.com I tested this CD-ROM on Windows
      NT version 4.0.

      The "Wiltshire Parish Records, Volume 1 - Salisbury" disk requires
      a password in order to view the information. The required password
      was included with the disk, so that wasn't any problem. I assume
      that the password is used to discouraging illegal copying of the
      disk. (The entire disk is copyrighted by S&N Genealogy Supplies.)

      The Wiltshire Parish Records CD-ROM disks contain W. Phillimore's
      transcripts of marriages from various Wiltshire registers. These
      transcriptions first appeared in a set of books printed in the
      early part of the twentieth century. The Wiltshire Parish
      Registers that I looked at were originally printed in 1907. S&N
      Genealogy Supplies has scanned the books, creating images of each
      page. These images have been electronically enhanced to improve
      readability and then placed onto CD-ROM disks. An index of every
      name was also created.

      Looking at the CD-ROM is more or less the electronic equivalent of
      reading the printed book. You can either leaf through the pages
      one at a time or else look up a name in the index and then go
      directly to the referenced record. All of the images that I looked
      at were very clear and easy to read. I printed a few pages on a
      rather ancient LaserJet printer, and they all looked very good,
      much better than a typical photocopy made from a printed book. I
      wasn't able to copy and paste with the normal Windows Clipboard
      commands, however. The same is true of most other genealogy CD-ROM
      disks that I have seen, with a few exceptions.

      To test the software, I did a search for my own surname. I didn't
      find the original progenitor of the American Eastmans, but I did
      find a reference to some familiar-looking names. I have not seen
      the printed version of the Wiltshire Parish registers but have
      previously searched other materials from Wiltshire. The names and
      dates of several people found on this CD-ROM matched those of the
      records I searched earlier. The other Eastmans mentioned
      apparently were the sisters, brothers, cousins and other relatives
      of the man who came to Massachusetts in 1638.

      I was pleased to see that searching for a name always resulted in
      a "hit" in exactly the right place on the resultant page. Some
      other genealogy CD-ROMs I have used have similar indexes, except
      that they only take you to the required page. The user then has to
      read the entire page to find the item of interest. However, the
      "Wiltshire Parish Records, Volume 1 - Salisbury" not only takes
      you to the page, but it also highlights the name in blue. When
      searching through hundreds of "hits," that one little feature can
      save a lot of time.

      I only examined Volume 1, the disk for Salisbury. Looking at S&N
      Genealogy Supplies' catalog, I noted that they also have similar
      disks for many other areas of England. The company will be
      releasing still more records on CD-ROM in coming months.

      "Wiltshire Parish Records, Volume 1 - Salisbury" sells for £19.95.
      That is roughly $33.00 in U.S. funds. Surprisingly, that price
      includes shipping to any place in the world. If you purchase by
      credit card, there is no need to obtain a check or money order in
      British pounds. The credit card companies will handle the currency
      conversion for you.

      Wiltshire Parish Records on CD-ROM are available from S&N
      Genealogy Supplies' Web site at: http://www.genealogy.demon.co.uk

      The following article is from Eastman's Online Genealogy
      Newsletter and is copyright 2000 by Richard W. Eastman. It is
      re-published here with the permission of the author.
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