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    Family History Radio for the Internet Splitrock Communications of Draper, Utah has announced a new service: Family History Radio for the Internet. This new
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2001
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      Family History Radio for the Internet

      Splitrock Communications of Draper, Utah has announced a new
      service: Family History Radio for the Internet. This new "Internet
      radio station" will be available on line 24 hours a day, seven
      days a week. "Our mission is to provide the genealogy community
      with the latest news, product developments, services and
      information in a format that can be heard and viewed at any time
      and virtually anyplace," states Al Jenson President of Splitrock

      Family History Radio for the Internet will carry several different

      "Headlines" will feature the latest breaking news and
      developments, a condensation of genealogy news gathered from
      over the entire world.

      "Tech Talk" will teach about computer and biotech technology
      as it relates to Family History Research.

      "Tips and Tricks" will be a brief section dedicated to
      teaching how to improve the Family History process. In this
      section, professional genealogists will provide tips,
      shortcuts, training or general help on making the genealogical
      research process much more productive.

      "In the Field" will interview leaders and attendees of various
      family history shows and events.

      "Society Section" will feature a weekly interview with a
      genealogical society. You can learn how other societies are
      working today.

      "Ask a Pro" is a section where listeners will get to ask a
      professional genealogists questions.

      "Grandpa Tucket's Stories" is a section dedicated to children,
      where Grandpa Tucket teaches about family values using his
      unusual animals as storytellers.

      "My Side of the World" features stories about families that
      made history. "My Side of the World" will be created by a
      professional storyteller.

      When looking at the new show's Web site, I see a number of names
      listed that are familiar to genealogists. Many of these people
      present seminars frequently at the major conventions or are known
      in the world of genealogy software. These names include Arlene
      Eakle, Gene Williams (both professional genealogists), and Gaylen
      Findlay, who was developer of Ancestral Quest Software as well as
      one of the developers of Personal Ancestral File for Windows. In
      addition, I see other names that I do not recognize but who seem
      to have credentials in broadcasting and in storytelling. You can
      read brief biographies of these people at:

      This should be a very interesting new service. Family History
      Radio for the Internet will launch on November 20th 2001 at 6:00
      PM Mountain Standard Time. That translates to 8:00 PM Eastern time
      on the 20th or 1:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time on November 21. I know
      that I will be listening!

      Pre-launch information is already available at the Family History
      Radio for the Internet Web site at:
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