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  • jreakes@familytreeresearch.net
    Apr 9, 2001
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      There haven't been postings to my English List for a week or two now.
      Where did you all go. Theres ample time and space to send your email
      questions, surname lists etc. If you have posed a question in the
      past and it hasn't been answered then resend to try again.
      I am now back. I don't think I'll be travelling away to classes so
      much now, uless I am invoted by a group who has a grant to pay the
      expenses. Its costing such a fortune and my dad is getting a bit sick
      of driving everywhere. I am concentrating with ON-LINE courses. My
      current one to do with ENGLISH RESEARCH is being well received. I
      will be offering it on line again in May. I will also be offering new
      courses too. They will all be advertised shortly.

      All the best from now and have a safe and happy Easter, Don't forget
      the REAL reason for Easter in the death and ressurection of Our

      All the best Janet