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2Welcome from the Listowner and Newsy bits

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  • Janet Reakes
    Feb 3, 2000
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      Thanks for joining this new mailing list. 89 people have joined at the time
      of writing in only 1 day!! so this should become a hot spot for relaying
      queries, news and gossip re English genealogy. Well, probably not gossip,
      but anything of interest. I don't mind if you are professionals giving
      advice or advising of your services, family history groups with fiche or
      books for sale, or new projects to tell us about. We all have a delete
      button if we are not interested. Please don't attempt to send attachments
      as I've switched it off so you should be virus free.
      When you post a letter asking your question or telling us whom you are
      seeking I get notified and I have to approve it and it oes on the list. The
      only letters that won't be approved are any obvious porno junk spammed or
      any of these get rich quick spams and anything really totally not to do with
      us. I've called this the English list but if you care to mention Wales or
      anywhere else theres no boundaries. We mostly all have ancestors in the
      whole of the British Isles.

      NEWS - some of you may have picked these bits up out of other lists but just

      From Eastmans Genealogy Letter.... What I want for Easter....or now!!!!

      DatagraphiX was demonstrating a fascinating piece of hardware.
      The "ImageMouse Digital Retrieval System" looks like a
      computer mouse on steroids. In reality, it is a handheld
      scanner designed to read microfiche and (soon) microfilm. The
      demonstrations at DatagraphiX's booth always attracted a
      crowd. With this device, you can place a sheet of microfiche
      on your desk, place the ImageMouse on top of that and an image
      of any of the individual images on the microfiche sheet appear
      on your computer's screen. These images can be saved to disk,
      printed, rotated, enhanced and otherwise improved. The
      ImageMouse should be shipping within a few weeks; a microfilm
      version will follow soon thereafter. For details, look at:

      I received this week my set of the Pedigree Resouce File from the Church of
      Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It costs $25 and is a collection of 6
      CD-ROMS containing lineage linked genealogy akin to ANCESTRAL FILE,.
      It has a master index and also five CDs of data. It includes all the
      information a submitted has sent in, including the name and address of the
      submitter, all my line is there on CD ROM as I sent it in back in June,
      There are over 6million entries and once again a boon for only $25
      You can buy it from the Distribution Centre of the Church, PO Box 350,
      Carlingford 2118(FOR aUSTRALIA) Americans can order it through the Website
      England through the LDS Distribution centre. See website above for address
      The cost includes postage.
      You can also view it on the Internet.
      When loading make sure you LOAD EVERY CD into the computer not just the
      Master disk and Disk 1.
      Have fun! Its another great new toy

      So start sending your messages now and if you don't get an answer keep
      posting until you do as this list will continue to grow. BYE!

      DIP F.H. Accredited Genealogist GSU (AUSTRALIA & ENGLAND)
      PO BOX 937, HERVEY BAY QLD 4655
      URL: http://www.familytreeresearch.net
      MAILING LIST: australiangenealogy@onelist.com
      subscribe through http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/australiangenealogy/
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