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1254Intro and help needed

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  • lindab33611
    Sep 1, 2002
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      I'm new to this list, and have only just started to try and trace my
      family history. I'm originally from England but have lived in the US
      for the last two years and am finding it very difficult to try and
      trace my family from here.

      The names I am interested in are Atkinson, Robinson, Beauchamp and in
      particular Fyfe as Fyfe is my maiden name. All I have to go on at
      the moment are the marriage certificate of my paternal grandparents,
      and my paternal grandmothers death certificate (both are original).

      My main stumbling block is that on the marriage certificate, my
      grandfathers name appears as William Beauchamp and his father is
      listed as William Hansell Beauchamp. However some months after the
      marriage the certificate was ammended by the registrar, to say that
      William Beauchamp should read William Fyfe, and the father should be
      listed as Alexander Fyfe.

      I have asked my own father about this and he has confirmed that his
      father was adopted at a very young age, and never knew his real
      parents, and obviously didn't find out about them until quite a late
      age, but that was all my father knew. Nobody else in the family
      seems to have anymore information or records about him.

      I seem to remember reading somewhere that at around the early 1900's
      there was no official system for adoption in the UK so I doubt there
      will be any papers for me to trace. Another thing that concerns me
      is that maybe the first name William isn't correct either. It seems
      a bit of a coincidence that both William Beauchamp/Fyfe and his
      adoptive father William Hansell Beauchamp share the same first name.

      I would be very grateful for any help or direction to help me further
      my investigations.