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  • jalamabubakar@yahoo.com
    Nov 3, 2011
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      Dear All,
      Consumption of Binding wire is variable with type of structure, building & proportion of steel per Cmt of concrete.It has been seen that the consumption varies from 8 Kg to 20 kg per MT.For heavier structures as the dia of steel increases the wt increases, but the consumption of binding wire will not increase that much.
      Normally,the binding wire is also used for ordinary shuttering purposes on sites.So the consumption also increses due to that.
      With regards,
      Tushar patel      

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      Sorry it is 7 kg/tonne

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      binding wire requirement for 1 MT steel binding 8kg/ton
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      I think it should 6-7 kg/sqft.

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      average it will taken as 10 kg per tonne of reinforcement for beam,slab and columns.
      Thanks and regards,
      Suryarao. Boppi
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      Subject: [engineeringcivil] Binding wire

      Dear Friends,
      Requirement of binding wire 18 gauge for  Tonne Slab reinforcement ,Tonne beam reinforcement and tonne column reinforcement

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