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3673Re: [engineeringcivil] HELP ME WITH THIS!!!

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  • diljeetsinghchaudhary diljeetsinghchaudha
    Nov 1, 2009

      weight of steel per meter length=d x d 162.2   where d=dia. of steel in mm .....and weight will be in kg....

      From: hammad salahuddin <hammads88@...>
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      Sent: Sat, 31 October, 2009 11:00:59 PM
      Subject: Re: [engineeringcivil] HELP ME WITH THIS!!!


       I can only answer your first question i.e how to calculate the weight of steel
      . For this you must know the dimensions of steel bar. then you can easily find out the volume of the steel bar by π* r2h,if it is circular. the density of steel is 7850 kg/m^3.
      as  density = mass/ volume
      so mass = density * volume
      by putting the values, we get the mass of steel.
      Hammad Salahuddin.

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      From: WASIM MUHAMMAD <wasimad2000@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: [engineeringcivil] HELP ME WITH THIS!!!
      To: engineeringcivil@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009, 11:03 AM

      respected all ...
      how r u ? i hope and pray u'll all b fine.

      can any body give me few answers?

      how to calculate the weight of steel ?

      how to calculate the hydraulic statement of sewer lines of a sewerage scheme?

      how to make analysis of manhole ?

      ill b waiting for the answers from your good selves .....
      take care of your self and pray for all.


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