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12757RE: [engineeringcivil] help please..... Flag pole

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  • M. Jamal Khan Nasar
    Jun 11, 2014


      Make pedestal on existing slab by epoxy dowels as required by slab analysis( done for part of slab in safe or staad  )

      And install the anchor bolts of base plate on the pedestal

      Further pls mail





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      In this case temporary support can be arranged to hold the existing and then complete the new one.

      Finally remove the temporary support.


      if the temporary support can also be a permanent solution if your are using steel angles of suitable size and thickness.(Like temporary bridges made by military services in emergency )


      hope you got the point.


      with best regards



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      Hi engineers !!


      Dear i need a help regard structure.....i have a roof plan where i have to errect a 9 meter pole . but i m confuse becasue there is a cross beam but no colum below that.


      I m attaching the layout of same please help me out which will be the best structure for that.


      Pole size 9 mtr.

      Weight  - 800kg

      Pole base plate size 800x800


      Colum size - 300*300mm

      beam 250mm


      Please revert as early as engineers...



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