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12646Required Steel tower calculation excel

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  • konvicted konvicted
    Mar 19, 2014
      Hi Engineers

      Hope all are very fine and doing their task ith propoer knowledge.

      After very long time i m here i need some help from you guys

      I have a steel pole tower whose height is 6 to 30 meter. I have to
      installed these towers in diff. - 2 states so can anyone have or can
      anyone make a standard excel sheet with formula where i enter my tower
      height and then all the details come in front of me like what type of
      foundation will be cheap and best require what will be the uplift
      force per leg what will be the lateral thrust, factor of safety ,
      design of pile cap, Design of coulm / pedestal, Design of ties of
      pedestals, what type of SBC required and at last baar bending schedule
      required and if you need any data from me please feel free for ask.