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Re: AIDS Russia, India, & China

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  • William Tamblyn
    Philip, What you said below reminded me of the following description in Fischer s (p.41): The plague [Black Death] found a vulnerable
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 21, 2002

      What you said below reminded me of the following description in
      Fischer's <<The Great Wave>> (p.41):

      "The plague [Black Death] found a vulnerable population that had
      outstripped the means of its subsistence and was already beginning to
      decline [in mid-14th century Europe]. Historian Philip Ziegler
      writes, 'Whatever one's thesis about the inevitability of the Black
      Death, it cannot be denied that it found awaiting it in Europe a
      population singularly ill-equipped to resist. Distracted by wars,
      weakened by malnutrition, exhausted by his struggle to win a living
      from his inadequate portion of ever less fertile land, the medieval
      peasantry was ready to succumb even before the blow had fallen.'"



      --- In energyresources@y..., Philip Arnason <parnason@u...> wrote:
      > <snip>
      > >IMO, Jean, the coming dieoff will involve many deaths by plagues
      > >one sort or another -- some that Mother Nature inflicts upon us,
      > >others that warring groups inflict upon one another. HIV/AIDS, as
      > >the first of many such plagues, should provide some clue about our
      > >problems in coping with what is to come.
      > >
      > >Regards,
      > >
      > >Bill
      > It will also be interesting to note that any type of disease will
      be in
      > order of magnitudes more serious than they are now in western
      society (not
      > necessarily civilized:D). If you have AIDS or Cancer in Africa,
      your days
      > truly are numbered. AIDS in America? Get Chemo, get pills, and
      you'll live
      > another twenty years. When Western Society doesn't exist anymore,
      we will
      > truly begin to understand what a plague is.
      > Philip
      > Portland, OR
      > ENERGY RELEVANCE: Energy Crisis causes dieoff. Discussing Dieoff.
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