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Re: USGS Oil Forecast

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  • Monica Rix Paxson
    Here s a related article. Monica Rix Paxson Garden Earth Enterprise http://gardenearth.com Misleading USGS Report by Colin Campbell Oil Crisis News from
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      Here's a related article.

      Monica Rix Paxson
      Garden Earth Enterprise

      Misleading USGS Report
      by Colin Campbell
      Oil Crisis News from Around the World

      Santa Cruz, CA, •• March 25, 2000 •• SolarQuest®
      iNet News Service ••
      Dr. Campbell provides these comments on the US Geological Survey
      Release of March 22, 2000, "USGS Reassesses Potential World Petroleum
      Resources: Oil Estimates Up, Gas Down."
      The USGS has released a most unfortunate preliminary statement of its
      latest study of world oil. But we have been there before. Let us not
      forget that McKelvey, a previous director of the USGS, succumbed to
      government pressure in the 1960's to discredit Hubbert's study of
      depletion, which was subseqently vindicated in the early 1970's after
      US production actually peaked as Hubbert had predicted. It did so by
      assuming that all the world's basins would be as prolific as Texas in
      very damaging report by Bernardo Grossling that successfully misled
      many economists and planners for years to come. This conspiracy was
      unearthed by a Senate Investigating Committee and is a matter of
      record. [The National Energy Conservation Policy Act of 1974,
      before the Subcommittee on the Environment of the committee on
      and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, June 6, 1974.]

      --- In energyresources@egroups.com, "Kermit Schlansker" <
      kssustain@p...> wrote:
      > I wish someone would interpret what the new USGS oil and
      gas estimates are saying and put it in clear language on the net. As
      far as I can see they are saying that there are about 3000 billion
      barrels of oil left to use, while Laherrere, Campbell, Rivas,
      Ivanhoe, and Duncan have all been saying that there are about 1000
      billion barrels left. So far I have not found the estimates for the
      USA. Even if correct this estimate is tragic in the sense that it
      reduces all efforts to do anything about Global Warming, mass tree
      planting, energy taxes, the negative trade balance, destruction of
      farmland, excessive immigration, alternative energy production, and
      conservation. It pulls the rig out from under Al Gore in case he
      wishes to make a last minute appeal on the basis of saving our
      grandchildren. Could this estimate have come from Texas? In any case
      it seems to me that these estimates are subjective enough that the
      politics and feelings of the estimator about Materialism versus
      Sustainability play a role in the results. I would like to know how
      much real evidence they have for this estimate. Are they considering
      energy output/input and cost?
      > For me it makes no difference whether disaster strikes
      in 2020 or 2060. I want my grandchildren to be able to have
      grandchildren. Therefore I will continue to push conservation as the
      single most important effort in enhancing Sustainability. The
      apartment house is a major element in prolonging a reasonable life
      style for the human race. I hope that anyone who has expertise will
      try to discredit these new forecasts.
      > Kermit
      Schlansker PE
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