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Update for July 18, 2014 - Newsletter (The U.S. Power Grid -4)

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  • Gerry Agnew
    Finally, what can we say about the delightful insouciance displayed by all and sundry – those in the know – about this problem? Is the NAS simply wrong
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2014
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      Finally, what can we say about the delightful insouciance displayed by all and sundry – those in the know – about this problem? Is the NAS simply wrong about everything they have written about? I regard their writings as being completely correct, by the way – which you may have gathered by now! Do we have a case of “We’ve had it, there is nothing we can do in the event of a bad war overseas (think domestic terrorism here), or a collapse domestically”, or is there something much more? In looking at some of the rather more interesting claims about what the monied elite want to do in Washington going forward, we see that the neo-con faction wants dominance in the US and also global hegemony (Paul Craig Roberts). OK, well they aren’t the first to desire this (from whatever power bloc) but surely, especially as they feel that the US can survivea nuclear war with Russia, they have to have something solid to rebuild on? In a major exchange with the Russians why do these sadly mistaken people think that they and the US will emerge with the upper hand and can rule by decree across the planet? Surely, in all of their calculations, they cannot have overlooked the Grid problem?
      The fact that other nations know about this US Achilles heel is known after North Korea’s new(ish) ruler Kim Jong-un effectively went public about how the DPRK was going to attack the US in a nuclear exchange. He blustered and bragged at winning such a conflict which caused all sorts of mirth in Washington I understand. However, when a couple of blogs started looking at Kim exploding a nuke over the central US and destroying the power grid for just about the entire Continent, the laughing stopped very quickly. Interestingly enough, Kim stopped his insane chatter along these lines at about the same time, so someone, somewhere, dropped a not-so-subtle-hint I would imagine. But what did he do wrong? What he pointed out is that the US is acutely vulnerable to attack on this sector of its economy. Why do advanced nations wish to ignore this unfortunate fact of life and continue to play to their national galleries?
      On balance, therefore, we can say that nothing is going to be done and it may be well recognised that nothing can be done. AF has put many of the reasons in her excellent report and now we have to see what the powers-that-be will do. My sense is that nothing will be done because of lack of money or for ideological reasons: “The Free Market will solve everything if given the chance”, even though that is now patently impossible. Well, I suppose the best solution is (apart from prayer) to make sure that you and your loved ones have enough capital, monetary and intellectual, to get together some sort of Plan “B” and have it ready for the day when “it” happens.
      Have a good one!
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