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Update for January 29, 2014 - Newsletter (EU and Green Policies Oil -5)

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  • Gerry Agnew
    The EU has also done their own assessment of what can happen (or, more likely, what can go wrong with a new US/Iran understanding) and are probably scared to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2014
      The EU has also done their own assessment of what can happen (or, more likely, what can go wrong with a new US/Iran understanding) and are probably scared to death. They have a fractious relationship with Russia (now made worse by their support of the Ukrainian protests there) which will not be useful when they have to go to President Putin and beg for additional supplies of Russian natural gas should future European winters turn ever colder (sorry, I do not believe in Global Warming as currently presented by its aficionados). In reading German newspapers over the last few years, I am seeing that Denmark, despite having the second windiest place on Earth on their western coast at Horns Reef, simply cannot make a go of promoting wind power generation as being anything more than an interesting theoretical abstraction. They have spent billions (as have the British in Northern England) in trying to support and subsidise the building of offshore wind farms and have found that it is all a major waste of time.
      As an aside here, in following the money in the United States (when is this concept EVER a waste of time??) we see that the Texas oil magnate, T. Boone Pickens has changed his tune dramatically on wind power. In his newsletter, which I have read for a few years now, he used to be very enthusiastic on the flow of wind coming across the Rocky Mountains and supplying huge amounts of power to ready windmills. (Remember his oft-quoted “The US is the Saudi Arabia of wind”?). His letters reflected this attitude until one day he went to Washington DC to plead his case for grants and subsidies. He came away, as far as I can tell, with precisely nothing! This says a lot. It must say that the serious money men in Washington DC have also done their sums and found that supporting wind power is really an utter waste of time. I note that Pickens has now switched from writing about wind power to more efficient uses of domestic oil and so forth, which is a definite change in outlook. Windpower is something the EU was really counting on. What else went wrong for them?
      Do you remember the great initiative by the EU some years back called “DESERTEC”? It was an attempt to effectively set up a series of solar collectors from across the Sahara and transfer the resulting energy back to the European power grids through Italy. It was an immense project, but the (then) Green EU decided that it was all worth it and they trumpted the immense benefits at every chance they got. Politicians lined up to be interviewed and the costs, we were assured, were not that serious when one considered the never ending supply of electricity which would be generated. After all, when does the Sahara Desert become cloudy?? Plans went ahead with the usual gusto until ... one day it all stopped. Politicians were suddenly “too busy” to answer questions about all of this and interest waned with an almost indecent haste. The idea put out was that with all of the potential civil wars in North Africa, the whole project was just to risky. That was all that was (if I remember correctly) said although there was some talk that technologically speaking the project wouldn’t work, and the matter dropped out of sight.
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