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25579RE: [energyresources] Reply to Steve. Was: Ted Trainer on Solar Hydrogen

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  • Ron Patterson
    Nov 21, 2002
      Steve Morningthunder wrote:
      >>>I think it is one of the most simple minded books that I have
      ever read.<<< (The Spirit in the Gene)

      >>>It bases its reductionist thinking fully and solely on the
      premise that metaphysics is gene inspired fantasy, assuming the
      entirety of life to be simply from the propensity of genes to
      propagate. That is an unsubstantiated silliness to me, which
      only the true-blue scientific materialists can accept because
      they are too fearful to step beyond what they hold to be
      "provable" by their narrow methods.<<<

      Steve, your philosophy seems to be based entirely on
      metaphysics. That is fine for the mystical but science must deal
      in the real world, not in mysticism. Whether or not there is
      something more out there is beside the point. The point is, the
      world of physical science and evolution must proceed upon
      physical facts, not mystical fantasy. Homo sapiens may possess a
      soul but we behave entirely like animals and our biological past
      confirms that fact.

      I think what pisses you off so much about this book is the very
      subject matter of it. That is, the mysticism we find in
      ourselves is actually genetically driven. To say that mysticism
      is a Darwinian adaptation is a pill far too bitter for any
      mystic to swallow.

      To quote a book on Yoga by some Indian Guru, babbling about God
      and the mystical, when discussing scientific biology and the
      future of the species is the epitome of absurdity.

      I know, you and Bill are true mystics and think any book that
      paints mysticism as being genetically driven is simple minded.
      Science however has another opinion. That opinion is that
      mysticism plays a very large part in the behavior of Homo
      sapiens and that fact has affected past fortunes and will affect
      our destiny enormously.

      Mysticism must be placed under the glaring lamp of science and
      examined for the true effect it has upon mankind, but not for
      the gods and miracles it might encompass.

      Other titles Morrison considered before deciding on The Spirit
      in the Gene:

      Habitat holocaust: Strong religious conviction and tribal
      loyalty insures maximum numbers of healthy children.

      Origins of religion: Evidence that human spirituality, delusions
      and invincibility and ethnic superiority has been leading to
      environmental destruction.

      Wounded Earth: Religious justification of agriculture-driven

      True believers: The genetic origin of religion, racism, and
      economic rationalization as basis of human population explosion
      and its unconscionable environmental consequences.

      Excalibur: Anthropocentrism as evolutionary strategy.

      Ron Patterson

      Steve Quotes his Yoga Guru:
      "It is evident that however much we may analyse the physical and
      sensible, we cannot by that means arrive at the Knowledge of the
      Self or of ourselves or of that which we call God. The
      telescope, the microscope, the scalpel, the retort and alembic
      cannot go beyond the physical, although they may arrive at
      subtler and subtler truths about the physical. If then we
      confine ourselves to what the senses and their physical aids
      reveal to us and refuse from the beginning to admit any
      other reality or any other means of knowledge, we are obliged to
      conclude that nothing is real except the physical and that there
      is no Self in us or in the universe, no God within and without,
      no ourselves even except this aggregate of brain, nerves and
      body. But this we are only obliged to conclude because we have
      assumed it firmly from the beginning and therefore cannot but
      circle round to our original assumption."

      Aurobindo; The Synthesis of Yoga -The Status of Knowledge, pg.
      In a sense, the whole of creation may be said to be a movement
      between two involutions, Spirit in which all is involved and out
      of which all evolves downward to the other pole of Matter,
      Matter in which also all is involved and out of which all
      evolves upward to the other pole of Spirit.

      --Aurobindo, "The Life Divine"

      - So let us recognize human mysticism for what it really is: the rusting Excalibur of our species, an old and vital streak of genetic madness that once rescued our kind from the brink of extinction, took us to the stars, and will run us through with due dispatch when our little play is done. Ultimately, I have no real argument with mysticism, nor even with the fear and ignorance on which it feeds. The frail, the fearful, and the foolish�these are my kind of animals.
      Reg Morrison, last paragraph in �The Spirit in the Gene�.

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