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25561RE: [energyresources] Re: Ted Trainer on Solar Hydrogen

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  • S Morningthunder
    Nov 21, 2002
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      > William Tamblyn:
      > Have you read Morrison's "Spirit in the Genes?"
      > ---
      > I think it is one of the best books that I have read.
      > Gene Tyner, Sr., Norman, OK.

      I think it is one of the most simple minded books that I have ever read.
      It bases its reductionist thinking fully and solely on the premise that
      metaphysics is gene inspired fantasy, assuming the entirety of life to
      be simply from the propensity of genes to propagate. That is an
      unsubstantiated silliness to me, which only the true-blue scientific
      materialists can accept because they are too fearful to step beyond what
      they hold to be "provable" by their narrow methods.

      "It is evident that however much we may analyse the physical and
      sensible, we cannot by that means arrive at the Knowledge of the Self or
      of ourselves or of that which we call God. The telescope, the
      microscope, the scalpel, the retort and alembic cannot go beyond the
      physical, although they may arrive at subtler and subtler truths about
      the physical. If then we confine ourselves to what the senses and their
      physical aids reveal to us and refuse from the beginning to admit any
      other reality or any other means of knowledge, we are obliged to
      conclude that nothing is real except the physical and that there is no
      Self in us or in the universe, no God within and without, no ourselves
      even except this aggregate of brain, nerves and body. But this we are
      only obliged to conclude because we have assumed it firmly from the
      beginning and therefore cannot but circle round to our original

      Aurobindo; The Synthesis of Yoga -The Status of Knowledge, pg. 287

      In a sense, the whole of creation may be said to be a movement between
      two involutions, Spirit in which all is involved and out of which all
      evolves downward to the other pole of Matter, Matter in which also all
      is involved and out of which all evolves upward to the other pole of

      --Aurobindo, "The Life Divine"

      Steve Morningthunder

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