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25554[energyresources] The Collapse Has Already Begun

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  • Andrew MacKillop
    Nov 21, 2002
      Bravo to post this useful summary

      Note also that John Calhoun as much as Selye has investigated the ACTH
      trigger role in the stress syndrome sequence of endocrinological and
      behavioral adjustment to density stress

      While Reg Morrison suggests our culture system automatically locks us on to
      disaster this is not the same as for other mammals. Their dieoffs almost
      always leave the environment intact. Therefore he is right to bring in the
      I = P x A x T where A x T is in fact E for fossil energy, because that
      fossil E from the Age of Dinosaurs ensures a degraded, even devastated
      natural environment for any survivors, resulting in suboptimal
      post-collapse populations

      However, maybe the best news from this post, is that adjustment is
      inevitable, no amount of miracle fertility drugs and social acceptance,
      even admiration of sexual dysfunction and deviance will switch off
      population-wide hormone activated control mechanisms

      A McKillop
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