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25542RE: [energyresources] Hydrogen and Solar Energy Question

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  • S Morningthunder
    Nov 20, 2002
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      > From: Ron Patterson [mailto:readyourdarwin@...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 5:52 AM
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      > Subject: RE: [energyresources] Hydrogen and Solar Energy Question
      > Steve Morningthunder wrote:
      > >>>I made my effort at
      > http://greatchange.org/bb-electricity.html which
      > includes a link to "entire energy cost" where the additional
      > energy thatit would take is treated.<<<
      > Steve, loved your math on the cost of converting electricity
      > to hydrogen but have you not left out a step, the delivery
      > system? Hydrogen, when it is generated is at ambient
      > temperature and pressure. In this form it is absolutely useless to us.

      No, I didn't leave it out.

      "And, this is before taking into consideration the entire energy cost.
      It goes back to our dinosaur blood spooner. You've got to build the
      additional electricity and hydrogen generation plants, the cars, keep
      the roads up, mine the minerals, and build a distribution system for the
      hydrogen, plus keep all those people who build it alive and sheltered
      before you get to the net eMergy, before you have something that the
      rest of society can work with."

      There is a link at "entire energy cost" that takes you to a much better
      treatment of the theme than I might come up with.

      A wall of infinite dimension stands before the present course of human
      evolution. It is the wise finitude of the Earth and its resources.

      Steve Morningthunder

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