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25538RE: [energyresources] A Symbol of Awareness

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  • S Morningthunder
    Nov 20, 2002
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      > Subject: Re: [energyresources] A Symbol of Awareness
      > Great idea. I wouldn't wear one myself but a
      > bottle of the stuff (crude oil) sitting on my desk may carry
      > the same philosophical weight.

      I've got an acrylic paperweight on my desk that contains a drop shaped
      20 ml of crude oil, which was a promotional item made by PEMEX that
      inspired me to try and do the same, but the effort wound up becoming
      jewelry instead. I couldn't contract a paperweight for under $20, and
      worked toward mastering the technique, but haven't gotten it yet.

      The jewelry, though, is more "beared upon the chest before the world".

      > How does one get their hands on crude oil locally?
      It was a real bitch for me. I finally found someone who knew someone
      who worked in a Mexican oil refinery, and bought it from them, at some
      $1300 per barrel, although I don't have that much. However, at the rate
      its going I think my ten gallons will last for some 100,000 years.

      You might try driving through west texas and buying it directly from a
      stripper owner. That is what I was going to do if I failed in Mexico.
      Or perhaps "Thompson's reference" would provide a lead.

      The harsh times approach. It is the lack of preparation which fills me
      with concern and anxiety, for we assume that we shall gather wood and
      slay game when the wind is white with winter.

      Steve Morningthunder

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